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LEGO unveils ‘Medieval Town Square’ set

#LEGO unveils ‘Medieval Town Square’ set

Fans of the Middle Ages and LEGO will have another reason to be happy, as the Danish company has created a new set: Medieval Town Square. It is a reimagination of a classic set originally released in 2009 with updated architecture, intricate detail and advanced construction techniques.

The 3,304-piece set features two large structures that open to reveal detailed interiors, including a tavern, cheese factory, shield-painting workshop, guard tower, woodworking shop, and weaving workshop. There is also a tree and vendor stall in the town.

Officially known as ‘The LEGO Icons Medieval Town Square’, it also includes 8 minifigures, various animals, and functional features such as a crane and a small water mill.

This set will be on sale on March 4th at LEGO Stores and priced at $229.99 / £199.99/ €229.99.

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Photos courtesy LEGO

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