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March 2, 2022

Lemon Garlic Butter Orzo and Fish Parchment Packets.

This fish in parchment packets is absolutely delicious. Lemon herb orzo and fresh vegetables are topped with a cod filet and drizzled with garlic butter. Roasted until flakey and perfect – this is satisfying and flavorful!

This dinner is so delicious and has made its way into our weekly rotation!

You will not believe how flavorful these fish and orzo parchment packets are. 

I mean, WOW.

I’m in love. These are so super satisfying and enjoyable. Light, fresh, lemony, garlicky and delicious!

It’s a meal I want to make once a week these days. And the kids are obsessed with the individual parchment packets. Like they get their own little personal meal.

asparagus, lemon, tomatoes

I guess this is what I can call a happy meal now?!

orzo with lemon and herbs


The term “fish packets” does not do this recipe justice. It doesn’t sound nearly as delicious as these end up tasting.

lemon garlic butter orzo and fish in parchment packet

The thing is, I cook a ton of salmon. You see the evidence here! I share many salmon recipes here because I love it, it’s simple and so very versatile. Eddie took a hiatus from salmon but is back on board and really enjoying it too. It’s easy. 

But I love pretty much every other variety of fish and so does he. A mild, flakey and buttery white fish is probably my favorite. In the summers when I was kid and we were vacationing in Northern Michigan, my dad would catch one fish and fry it up for us to share and taste. I can still taste that! 

lemon garlic butter orzo and fish in parchment packet

Seafood in general is something I’ve always enjoyed and so does my family, which is great. Having those ingredients available for dinner really opens up the meal options and provides us with a lot of variety. This recipe is pretty forgiving and you could use another version of fish here. Or even pop in some raw shrimp! 

This dish was inspired by one I have in The Pretty Dish. The fish packets in that book are SO good.

lemon garlic butter orzo and fish in parchment packet

All I have to say is: GARLIC BUTTER.

A little bit goes a long way and I find it’s imperative to this recipe. It adds so much flavor to the orzo, fish and vegetables. Don’t skip that part! 

lemon garlic butter orzo and fish in parchment packet

Here’s how I make these orzo and cod parchment packets!

  • Grab some vegetables. I’m feeling super spring, so I like asparagus, cherry tomatoes and a few scallions. You can grab almost any veggie, other than a root vegetable or potato.
  • Cook your orzo. You can use any grain here. I’m having an orzo moment (I’m sure you’ve noticed!) so I choose that. Cook it, mix with some fresh lemon and herbs and it’s ready. You can easily make this part ahead of time so it’s ready FAST when it comes time to cook. Quinoa, couscous, rice – those also work. 
  • Pick your fish! I use a wild caught cod – more often than not. It’s easy to make, accessible and mild in flavor so the kids like it too. 
  • Slice some lemons, because they are your new best friend.
  • Make a parchment paper packet (you could also use foil) and load everything on. I start with the orzo, then I add the vegetables, then I place the fish on top. Add lemon slices, garlic butter and bake! 
  • The fish steams inside the packet so it’s the butteriest, flakiest fish ever. It’s so tender and flavorful. 

lemon garlic butter orzo and fish in parchment packet

These are so simple. So flavorful. Super delicious and a lovely light little meal! (more…)

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