Let It Be Sunday, 375!
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June 5, 2022

Let It Be Sunday, 375!

A question was put out into the Joy the Baker-verse a couple weeks ago, “What are you into these days?” and you answered with gusto. This feels like the end of a PBS show where they say, “This episode was made possible… from viewers like you!” but it’s true! Your favorite things made today’s Let It Be Sunday. The Joy the Baker community is truly something special, and it’s amazing to see all of your recommendations. Thank you for sharing a bit of yourselves with all of us. We broke down the recurring themes into categories – a nice, long read for a lazy Sunday. As always, take only what you need, and take care of yourself in the meantime.

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• “For all the women whose sex life has changed since marriage and kids that blame themselves, this is the podcast episode for you.  Life changing, self affirming and solution oriented.  We’re not alone!” – Kathleen K. (Acast)

• “This week I discovered the podcast Borderline Salty. It’s hosted by Carla Lalli Music and Rick Martinez – it is about 30 minutes. They take calls and their chemistry is great. Definitely worth a listen.” – Celia W. (Pineapple Street Studios)

• “My wife and I stumbled upon this podcast, California City, about the town in the Mojave Desert. It was quick, fascinating, and then made me think more about the desert and it’s allure. Something I had not thought about or considered before listening. In fact, we now have a trip planned to Palm Springs and the surrounding area over the summer! Enjoy!!” – Noah D. (LAist)

• “The Ask Lisa podcast on Stitcher. Common sense parenting advice from a professional! Especially, this episode.” Jen D. (Lisa Damour, Stitcher) 

• “Have you listened to the National Park After Dark podcast? Just two ladies talking about the wonder of our National Parks and unexpected happenings (some murder, some bear attacks, etc.). I’ve really been enjoying the variety, especially at the time of year when it’s fun to get outside.” – Laura H. (NPAD Podcast)


• Jamie K. is into “Chris Bathgate’s new album, The Significance of Peaches. His song “Bruises” is, well, exquisite. And Neko Case’s retrospective? (Greatest Hits?) album Wild Creatures. I’ve been a fan since her song “Star Witness” blew me out of the gosh dang water. It’s been a wonderful ride, listening to what she’s created over the years.”  (Spotify)

• “The only thing I love as much as food (besides my family including dogs) is music. I know we have love for Joseph, Yola, and Joy Oladukon in common, so here are a few others I’ve been obsessing on… Girl In RedIf I Could Make it Go Quiet and Madi Diaz’s “History of a Feeling”  – Liz W. (Spotify)

• “Album recommendation from me and the rest of the world: Harry’s House by Harry Styles. Pop album perfection and I have no shame about listening to it all day on Sunday. Another album I love for a different sort of listening experience: Tiny Beautiful Things by May Erlewine. Singer/songwriter vibes, good for a relaxing evening at home.” – Angela K. (Spotify)

• “I don’t like opera, but Jessye Norman’s Essentials has a lot of Strauss and it’s just lovely. Also Beast Epic by Iron and Wine feels like this keeps my love for the world on the up and up.” – Kelly B. (Spotify)


Hello, editor Abby here to say a few words. Please, go reheat your coffee, I know it’s cold (because mine is). And this next snippet is from one of our JtB readers who is publishing a book! I actually squealed when I read the synopsis. We are ABSOLUTELY going to support the heck out of her! Read on! 

• “Hey Joy! This is Amanda Quain, longtime fan/bakehouse enthusiast/lover of cookies. My debut novel comes out this summer from Macmillan, and I think it’s pretty fun (and a great summer read!) it’s a contemporary retelling of Pride and Prejudice from the perspective of Mr. Darcy’s little sister, Georgiana, and it features endless banter, Big Emotions about having a sibling, and a ton of pancakes (I know you’ll approve of that part). You can check it out here!” (Bookshop.org)

• “Best book I’ve read in the last few months: Memphis by Tara M. Stringfellow. Stringfellow tells the story of three generations of Black women, unfolding over the course of 70 years in Memphis. I love a multigenerational family story, especially one centering the matriarchs. Highly recommend. (TW: domestic violence, sexual assault)” – Angela K. (Bookshop.org)

• A few extra recommendations: Anne Tyler’s French Braid, Ocean Vuong’s Time is a Mother, and Big Friendship: How We Keep Each Other Close by Aminatou Sow (Bookshop.org)

Extra Fun

• Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy! Happy people apparently do The Joy Workout. They just do. (New York Times)

• Hoorah! The secret to not getting your literal panties twisted in your bed sheets in the dryer. I think all of my clothes were inside my fitted sheet at one point, just chillin’ not getting dry. Thank you Kathleen K.! (Amazon)

• Last, but not even a little bit the least, Joy is coming to see you! Get tickets to see her in California at the grand opening of the Williams Sonoma in Corte Madera on June 11th. If you’re in Seattle, you have 2 chances – June 12th at the Williams Sonoma in University Village (get tickets here!) and June 14th at the Book Larder talking about the Joy the Baker magazine (tickets)! (SquadUp, Book Larder)

Pick up the Joy the Baker magazine at your local grocery store or get free shipping and send it straight to your home or a friend!

Thank you again to everyone that submitted – happy Sunday!

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