Let It Be Sunday, 378!
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June 26, 2022

Let It Be Sunday, 378!

Hello, friends!

What are you eating and drinking to stay cool when going outside is like entering a furnace? As I type this, my fingers are buzzing from iced coffee and my fingertips are stained crimson from cherry consumption. It looks like my 4-year-old gave me a French manicure. Who knows? Maybe this’ll be the next TikTok beauty trend! Sunday’s offerings are below and stay cool out there.


Note from Joy: This post was completed Thursday evening before the latest decision from the Supreme Court. We believe a human’s right to choose is fundamental. 

Seema Pankhania is making the national dish from every country, and it’s way easier to watch her videos than deal with flight delays. (TikTok)

Aubrey Hirsch wrote a powerful, gut-wrenching essay on being a victim of gun violence in America that will stick with you for a while. As it should. (The Audacity)

What happens when you casually mention in the group text that you had a sex dream featuring Jeff Goldblum? Everyone will lol and you’ll all agree that he definitely has a foot fetish. Then, four months will go by and this will arrive in your mailbox. Thank you, Ruby! (Amazon

Erotic cookbooks are a thing? Very much apparently. (Eater)

I never knew an obituary could make me smile. Your heart will go out to Caity Weaver. (Twitter)

I’m going to New York next month to catch up with friends + be a human without three children attached to her (!!!!) and must know: What are the most comfortable walking shoes you’ve ever worn? I’ve had my eye on these. (Zappos)

If I had to put my money on one alpha male podcast, it’d be the pop culture pod How Long Gone. The hosts remind me of the dudes I hung out with in college but lost touch with, and they have great chemistry together. (How Long Gone)

Joy’s herby egg salad on English muffins was a hit in our house. To cut down on time, I skipped the pickled onions and put diced onions on top for an extra crunch. (Joy the Baker)

If you could pick one celebrity bestie, who would it be? Here’s mine. (Hollywood Reporter)

What are you watching these days? Never thought I’d say this, but I could actually use a new show. The Bear looks intriguing. (Hulu/FX)

In the meantime, fellow romantics will love Cousins, a 1989 film in which Ted Danson falls for Isabella Rossellini’s irresistible gene pool during a dreamy Vancouver summer. (Amazon)

“Chili’s Baby Back Ribs” behind-the-scenes recording session from 1998. Amazing. (Twitter)

Admittedly, I didn’t have my act together to participate in Jamie Attenberg’s writing challenge, but I did like reading the daily installments. Alex Chee’s guest post was one of my faves. (1000 Words of Summer)

Take a look at Annie Flanagan’s photos of beautiful, brave kids in The Pain and Pride of a Generation Changing How America Sees Gender. (Time)

Lauren Groff breaks down the history and hypocrisy of beach resorts, suggesting her family instead take “a staycation where we all read books in separate rooms.” Co-sign. (The Atlantic)

Is there anything more vital to our collective wellbeing this summer than Beyoncé dropping her new album? Her new single will have to tide us over until July. (Tidal)

Three Black women couldn’t find a place where their families felt safe. So they bought a town. Jewel Wicker reports in her excellent article, “The Road to Turning 500 Acres Into a Black City” (Capital B News)

This video of tella singing her song, “Nomad” on a Greek fishing boat sailing the Aegean Sea is extremely soothing.  (YouTube)

Happy Sunday!


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