Let It Be Sunday, 379!
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July 3, 2022

Let It Be Sunday, 379!

Hello friends and welcome to this fine Sunday.  Today marks the 379th time I’ve come here to tell you how I think, what I feel, and what dresses and lip balm and sunscreen I’m into beyond the recipes that are the foundation of Joy the Baker. Can you believe? That’s no small feat.  I’ve taken a hefty amount of flack for it and yet it’s my favorite post to write for you every single week.  I’m so thankful for the community that these Sunday posts have build and thankful for the growth of these Sunday posts with Abby, Kim, and Toby.

There is some weight in today’s links as you might imagine since you too are a person in the world. There’s also Guava and Cheese French Toast, so we’re going to be okay today. It’s also plum season and I cannot recommend them enough. I love that you’re here and we’re here together.

  “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom.” —Viktor Frank (though that attribution is dodgey)

Brene Brown puts it into this equation: S( )R. I’ve found it harder and harder lately to be a “person of the Internet” and make space between stimulus and response. It feels like social media especially needs the R, IMMEDIATELY. Which tribe are you on? How dare you not express your tribe in this very moment. If you aren’t on my tribe I demand to know right now! Unfollow! Unfollow! And y’all… I’m just trying to make space enough to know the response I have is one that is meaningful and true for me. Sometimes, me making space looks like me making bread and then eating it with way too much butter (lol no such thing).  However you process huge culture shifting events, please know you’re allowed to create space for yourself. It really has been one of the most powerful changes I’ve made in my life (but wow it pisses off Instagram).

  This made me cry. Suspending Belief: Abortion and the right to regret (The Point)

•  For years before last Friday, Louisiana has been a hard place to receive abortion care and this latest decision is going to be very difficult for so many people here. If this issue is important to you, I would encourage you to research how you can support your community. It has to be sustained work, and in the meantime I’ve made donations to National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda and Lift Louisiana.

  I’m too tired even for hot regression summer, honestly.  Tell me how it goes. (Substack)

•  A few years ago on a road trip back to New Orleans from Birmingham, Alabama I stopped at the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama.  It’s the most powerful memorial I’ve ever experienced and they’re currently holding a night exhibit on select evenings this summer.

  The lonely chief: How John Roberts lost control of the court (Politico)

  Last week Toby asked who our celebrity bestie would be.  Mine? Casey Wilson.  (Joy the Baker, Bookshop.org)

•  Kim reminded us that it’s hand sunscreen season but can I be extra weird and suggest that it’s also driving glove season? (Joy the Baker, Amazon)

  I’ve committed to making everything with the word “poolside” in it starting with Deb from Smitten Kitchen’s Poolside Sesame Slaw.

  Although it is no time to even think about stuffing onions and roasting them – I saw an incredibly delicious picture of stuffed onions somewhere on the Internets, and now I can’t get it out of my head. I’ll put this on the back burner until November.  (BBC)

•  This Guava and Cheese Stuffed French Toast sounds like an absolute dream and has me on the most immediate hunt for guava jam. (SavorSimpleBlog)

  You’re Wrong About‘s latest episode on Martha Stewart with Sarah Archer is a fascinating listen. If you still have those little square Martha Stewart Living recipe inserts saved, this podcast episode is for you. Highly recommend. (Apple Podcasts, Sarah Archer)

  Making ice cream sandwiches with Ritz crackers is the energy level this holiday weekend: easy ice cream treats. (Joy the Baker)

Have a wonderful Sunday.

My love to you –

xo Joy

Joy the Baker July 3, 2022 at 02:11PM

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