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July 24, 2022

Let It Be Sunday, 382!

Friends, hello, good Sunday to you!

We’re going to keep it cute and short this Sunday. While my body is here in Houston working this weekend, my head and and heart are still up in the Colorado mountains cruising down the winding roads on the back of Will’s bike. It’s called summer vacation and… turns out it’s a state of mind.

I hope this finds you rested and well. If not rested then at least nearing full caffeination.

•  The Fascinating Science Behind What Causes Freckles and wow I’m late to the game but WE’RE FAKING FRECKLES NOW, did you know? I once had a boyfriend tell me his favorite part about me was my freckles. Here’s the thing – I don’t have freckles so… I dumped him.  (Allure)

 One Woman’s Wholesome Mission To Get Naked Outside. This goes on the summer bucket list immediately. With the amount of clothes I’m able to wear this summer I’m nearly there honestly. (Outside)

  This is my true and actual lifestyle:  A Middle-Aged Person Takes Up A Hobby (Defector)

•  Catch me out here renewing a month of HBO Max just to watch Edge of the Earth with clammy sweaty palms.

  Will and I rode up Pike’s Peak on his motorcycle. Steep, winding, glorious, elevation 14,115 feet. I can’t imagine pushing a literal peanut up the mountain but yes, ok, handshake to you sir. (9News)

  This cheeky Sungold Saffron Tomato Sauce looks like something I’m going to do with red cherry tomatoes and smoky paprika because I can’t leave well enough alone. (Instagram)

•  I loved this interview with Chrysta Bilton, author of Normal Family on Cup of Jo. It’s next on my To Read List after Lessons in Chemistry. (Cup of Jo,

•  For my true crime friends, hi – I have a podcast for you: Father Wants Us Dead. And if you’re not deep in the true crime genre do definitely disregard. This is a darkness.

  Weren’t Toby’s links last week just great? If you missed them, here’s your immediate mood boost. And here’s what we thought about this time last year. (Joy the Baker)

  Now I need to know the baking secrets of baking icon, Linda Skeens. (TikTok)

Have the most wonderful Sunday!

My love to you.

xo Joy

Joy the Baker July 24, 2022 at 12:40PM

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