Let It Be Sunday, 384!
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September 4, 2022

Let It Be Sunday, 384!

Hello! I hope this post doesn’t find you. I hope you’re on a boat, at a backyard barbecue, curled up on the couch with a good book, or in Houston buying horse art for the apartment you’re decorating to be closer to your boyfriend. Hi, Joy! Wherever you are this holiday weekend, I hope these links find you when you’re back at work, looking for a distraction before you tackle your inbox.

• Let’s get right to it. And by “it” I mean ‘Renaissance’. I’m listening to it probably once or twice a day, which is not enough according to TikTok standards. My favorite song changes depending on my mood, but right now it’s “Heated.” Here is a track-by-track deep-dive by culture writer and critic, Shamira Ibrahim. (Andscape)

• Speaking of “Heated,” R. Eric Thomas has us covered. This is the most accurate description of my feelings while listening to this song that I’ve read thus far, and believe me, I’ve read it all. (PreviouslyOn)

• I went through something like this with my own closet last year and I’m glad someone wrote about it. Shout-out to anyone who understands how in the world we’re supposed to be dressing right now. If you’re as lost as I am, this piece in The Cut by Kara Brown may help. 

• Abby, who edits this here blog, contributed to a piece for Saveur about the best cookware brands. If you loved what Abby had to say about Jeni’s ice cream, you’re going to love her take on things to consider before investing in cookware. (Joy the Baker)

• “For many of us, the ambition to rise through the ranks in our chosen field has dissolved into something simpler: the desire to not feel so stressed and exhausted all the time,” Ann Friedman in Elle this month. I didn’t realize how many of my friends have left their jobs, changed their jobs, or scaled back their hours until I read this article on ambition. *eyes wide open emoji* (Elle)

• I’m a big Mindy Kaling fan and was thrilled to see this feature on her in Marie Claire. I don’t think I knew she had two kids now! This is a long-ish read, but it’s worth it.

• If you live anywhere near Nashville, I hope to see you at our huge yearly Southern Festival of Books. This is the festival’s 34th year and it’s first time IRL since 2019. To say Nashville is excited is an understatement. The dates are October 14-16 and you can see the full list of around 200 (!!) visiting authors here. (Sofestofbooks.org) 

• Speaking of books, I’m a big proponent of walking in the woods while listening to a romance audiobook. This is the one I’m listening and hiking to right now. We’re talking strong female friendships and enemies-to-lovers. It’s great! (Libro.fm)

• I was a guest on the I Like To Read podcast and kind of forgot to tell anyone. Oops! I’m a chronic over-sharer, so if you want the behind-the-scenes on my podcast journey with Ladyland, there’s a lot here for you. Listen here or watch here. (Apple Podcasts, YouTube)

• An argument for choreography. (TikTok)

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