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Let It Be Sunday, 442!

#Let It Be Sunday, 442!

Friends, hi good morning! I can’t thank you enough for all of your generous words on my move from The Bakehouse and New Orleans.  I’m overwhelmed by your kindness!  We’ve like…really been in this together for a long time.  I’m so thankful that you’re here for the Texas chapter.  Let’s see what we can do with it!

We’re a few weeks away, but can we talk about Thanksgiving? I know I broached the subject back in August when most of you reasonable people were on vacation but, I feel like it’s officially time to start working on an organized shopping list and daydreaming the dessert table.

Back in the New Orleans Bakehouse days I was known for an epic Friendsgiving party.  It would take place on Thanksgiving afternoon around the long dining room table (that we’d carry outside in good weather), and lasted well into the evening with folks coming and going through the day.  It was a coveted invitation and once invited, you had to promise to bring your most nostalgic dish from your favorite family Thanksgiving – especially if that recipe involves Jell-O.

Thanksgiving it a peak holiday for anyone who can cook and leans even slightly towards being bossy.  I’m raising my hand.  It’s me.  BUT! This year I’m taking on Thanksgiving as a spectator sport, sharing the holiday with Will’s family in Texas.  I’m scheming desserts…. like, definitely too many desserts.  If you’re still planning your menu, here are a few unsolicited thoughts from me:

  If you’re asked to bring an appetizer to a Thanksgiving party, go ahead and consider this an insult. It’s ok.  Your revenge will be bringing an appetizer so good it ruins everyone’s appetite.  Petty?  It’s not your fault people can’t get enough of the Baked Brie with garlic butter mushrooms, or the Cider-Glazed Bacon Wrapped Dates.  (Smitten Kitchen)

 •  My favorite sides include macaroni and cheese made by the aunt who isn’t afraid to use both a bechemel and Velveta.  Stuffing made by Cliff who spends a week making fresh buttermilk biscuits and cornbread just to let them dry out enough to make his decadent chicken liver stuffing.  Mashed potatoes should be made my someone who is not afraid to put a full block of cream cheese into the boiled potatoes.  (The Pioneer Woman)

•  The turkey? To be honest, I barely care a thing about it.  I mostly want everyone else to eat most of it so I can pick the bones and request to take the carcass home to make Turkey Barley Soup (inspired by my Uncle Larry who doesn’t scoop even a spoonful of fat out of his turkey soup and it’s so decadent!).  If your Thanksgiving is modest this year, or you want to turn any turkey leftovers into something over the top, this Thanksgiving Pot Pie topped with cranberry-studded stuffing both the problem and the solution. (Joy the Baker)

  Some folks think of dinner rolls as irrelevant but I would argue that a good roll can replace a butterknife as the tool to press fork and food against.  Aunt Cordellia’s Potato Rolls are the labor of love in my family.  I was recently visiting my friend Timothy and he had he his Incredible Gluten-Free Dinner Rolls made with soaked rice.  I can confirm they are, in fact, incredible! So bouncy.  Great texture.  Great as day old toasted bread! If you’re gluten- free don’t miss these! (Joy the Baker, Mississippi Vegan)

  The dessert table is where I’m putting all of my energy this Thanksgiving.  I’m making this very Cajun Pumpkin Tarte a la Bouille instead of a traditional pumpkin pie.  It’s silkier than pumpkin pie with a nearly equal filling to cookie crust ratio.  I’m also going to fry doughnuts, just because. Maybe fill them with a blackberry compote, also just because.  I’m make homemade Oreos because I’ve been craving double-stuffed cookies. And OBVIOUSLY I’ll bake Dad’s Perfect Sweet Potato Pie. (Joy the Baker)

  Oh! Did you read the origins of the Wilson family Sweet Potato Pie recipe?  My dad wrote all about it in the first installment of Cliff Notes, here!

•  This week I’ve experimented with this pretty basic recipe for Pumpkin Peanut Butter Dog Treats with an easy potato starch frosting.  (Of course King Cat Tron gets extra treats and a few licks of pumpkin puree to distract him from the fact I’m making dog treats of all things.)  I think a bag of these little pup biscuits would be a great Thanksgiving host gift and it’s definitely going on the short list of homemade holiday gifts.  (Allrecipes)

  A perfect martini is gin and vibes.  I loved this piece from our pal Noah Galuen: I Don’t Want My Martini to Need Me.  Should we have a little martini situation at Thanksgiving?  I think only if we serve them in those tiny cocktail glasses, you know?  (Punch)

•  Is Chris Stapleton The One Thing America Can Agree On? Yes and for this reason he must be the heavy hitter on the Thanksgiving playlist.  This has been my Thanksgiving playlist for a few years running, and I’ll you – the Golden Girls theme song hits at just the right point.  (GQ, Spotify)

•  Here’s a helpful lil infographic if you want to make exactly enough food for everyone at the Thanksgiving table, but what fun is that? More is more.  I buy a bundle of these quart containers for guests to take home leftovers (the best part of the holiday weekend obvi!).  (Instagram, Amazon, Joy the Baker)

I’ll be back next week with a few new holiday dessert recipes and a cheeky little appetizer you’ll want to add to the holiday party rotation.

I hope it’s a restful Sunday, friends!

My love to you.

xo Joy

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