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Let It Be Sunday, 452!

#Let It Be Sunday, 452!

Friends, hi hello and happy Sunday! Reporting love from Texas Hill Country where Will and I have taken to the out of doors.  There’s trout in these waters, though, that’s none of our business. We rode motorcycles up and along some twisted roads this weekend and I can confidently report, I made it back to eat the tuna salad I brought for lunch.  It’s the little things, ya know?

This week has felt entirely impatient. Like I’m trying to fit all of the successes of a full year into the month of January.  This little trip away has been a good reminder to let the year unfold as it will.  Let’s see what we have in store. We can’t miss what is meant for us, right?

To that end, here’s a few easy Sunday reads. Take what you need and continue to ease into what will be a wonderful year.

  What do you call your mom’s best friend who has known you for entirely of your existence?  Aunt, right? My favorite read this week came from my Aunt Janet whom I love beyond measure.   Ski Boys Are My Weakness. In my view, the title of the article isn’t as strong as the article itself.  Please read if you need a reminder of your inherent wild spirit and how absolutely glorious it is.  (Outside Magazine) 

•  Related:  Pam Houston’s Deep Creek: Finding Hope In The High Country just bumped itself up to the top of my reading list (Norton)

  Science says you need a little hobby.  My craft closet (currently all in storage in Katy, TX) would suggest I have several. (Self)

 Would you dump someone if they didn’t peel you an orange? Will would peel me an orange for me, thank goodness.  But the full on, Olympic level gymnastics I’ve executed contorting myself into the wrong relationships in the past… I could have used this orange experiment earlier.  (Vox) 

  This King Cake-Inspired Bostock is essentially a very fancy almond croissant toast.  If you need a little Mardi Gras spirit, this is it! (Joy the Baker) 

•  In aging news: I’m doing it.  I’ve noticed that my lips are getting more pale by the year.  Are we waiting for flesh colored lips to be the next trend or are we just living our lives? I’ve never been someone who can keep up with lipstick and I think I’ve finally found a lipstain that lasts most of the day.  It’s this Wonderskin Lip Stain.  It’s a mask that goes on blue (it’s weird) and then wipes off to all-day color.  No need buy the spray peel applicator stuff.  I have the shades Whimsical and XOXO and they’re both present but pretty natural. (Wonderskin)  

  In things I’ve rebought in the last week because I love them:   BioSil Collagen Generator  is a little bottle I bought because I thought it might help my fragile fingernails stop peeling.  Not only have my nails stopped peeling but all the baby hairs around my forehead are sprouting like weeds. I’ve also reordered Anima Mundi Liver Vitality Greens which I drink every morning with 100% cranberry juice and water.  I feel fortified (and I haven’t gotten sick all winter so… I dunno!).  (Amazon)

  I’ve given up paying for manicures and pedicures and I just keep my nails short and clean with this Dermelect Nail Base Color. I’ve put more nude nail colors on my fingers than I can count and this is my favorite.  I’m hard on my nails and really gel manicures are the only manicures that don’t chip.  With this very pale, lightweight color, the chips aren’t noticeable. As a Gemini I can’t be constrained to a gel manicure. It’s very claustrophobic. It’s fine. (Amazon)

  One of my intentions this year is to bake more bread.  The cost of bread in the grocery store these days? Get a grip.  I’ve been baking this super easy No-Knead Crusty White Bread from King Arthur Baking. It’s incredibly satisfying with salted butter and jam for breakfast and truly SO EASY.   It’s more of an investment in flours, but I’ve also been baking this Gluten-Free Seeded Loaf of Bread from The Loopy Whisk.  Psyllium husk is a game changer in gluten free baking.  

  I can confirm that Graza Olive Oil in their cheeky little squeeze bottles are worth the hype.  There’s a large “Sizzle” bottle of Spanish olive oil meant to be sauteed and roasted and a “Drizzle” bottle of olive oil meant to squeeze over soups and onto salads with a grasseir finish. Both are fantastic and I have to admit I LOVE the squeeze bottle method.  Use code JOYTHEBAKER for $5 off if you’d like to try it for yourself! (Graza)

  It’s nearly Valentine’s Day, which I love for the chocolate alone. French Broad Chocolates are my absolute favorite and if you’re thinking of gifting chocolate this season, may I humbly recommend these bonbons.  I treasure these chocolates so much they last me well into April so consider it a gift that keeps on giving.  

  I’m working on an Easter Brunch menu for us and I can’t get these Butter Swim Biscuits out of my head.  I mean… the name alone, right?  Do you think these biscuits would be good with a tad bit more sugar and loads of fresh blueberries? I’m thinking we can ride the line between biscuit and scone but maybe I should just leave well enough alone? Your thoughts are appreciated. (Washington Post)

•  The song I’ve had in my head all week: Overjoyed. (Spotify)

Have a wonderful Sunday! Find a little winter sunshine if you can!

My love to you.

Xo Joy

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