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May 8, 2022

Let It Sunday, 371!

Since it’s Mother’s Day, let me tell you one of my most treasured memories with my mom.

A few years back, in the spring of 2017 Mom and I flew to New York City so I could be on the actual Today Show promoting my last book Over Easy.   It was my first time on very live, very national television and to say that I was nervous was an understatement.  Mom and I walked from our midtown hotel up to Rockefeller Center and, because I was a monster I said, “Mom this is New York we have to walk and we have to walk fast,” and despite having knee surgery  (or pre-surgery knee pain, I can’t quite remember) she put her NYC walk ON and we made it up and back for rehearsal.

I don’t remember much of the Today Show. They hustle you in makeup and in the studio before the sun has even broken the horizon.  And honestly, I was truly so nervous that the sound of Matt Lauer’s voice as he entered to studio sent me into a legitimate blackout. I don’t remember a thing we filmed in that few minutes segment.  What I do remember is seconds after the segment – all the boom cameras move away, the producers scatter to their next segments, and my mom rushed up to me from the back of the studio her face just… shocked.  I said, “did I do ok!?” because I genuinely did not know if I was even speaking English (the only language I speak fluently so – fingers crossed).  My mom assured me that her shock was because I had done a great job – and she just couldn’t believe it all. I could have cried. I might have cried actually.

We walked back to our hotel where I promptly fell asleep while my mom called our whole family on the west coast to tell them that despite being blacked out I made muffins with Matt Lauer (which… doesn’t age well but happened all the same).

I feel so fortunate to get to make more memories with my mom but that trip to New York stands in my mind as a time I held my mom close as my best friend and cheerleader mom I’ll always need.  And she looks so cute next to the Flatiron Building before we ate a bunch of pasta for dinner.

It’s Sunday which means I have links for you.  Just take what you need this Mother’s Day.  Take it easy.

 Of Course The Constitution Has Nothing To Say About Abortion.  Wait. Were women even people back then? Barely.  Are we now? HM. (The New Yorker)

  Instagram knows I like pottery and it feels like every other post is a new potter I need to follow and support and I suppose as soon as every plate, bowl, and mug in my house is hand thrown I’ll have really made my own dreams come true.  Round Trip Clay Works

  I always bring back exciting bags of international chips to gift when I come from a trip abroad (haha, remember that!?).  The real difficulty is somehow not eating all the chips before I gift them which takes very keen hiding-chips-from-myself skills because KETCHUP CHIPS YES.  All of this to ask – Why Are American Chips So Boring? (Eater)

  I dusted off this vintage JtB soup recipe this week and added about 1/4 of heavy cream because I love myself.  Spinach Soup with Garlic Thyme Croutons.  I’ve eaten this soup for three days in a row and now the rest will go live in the freezer until it feels new to my tastebuds again.

  This week I’m listening to PJ Morton’s newest album Watch the Sun. (Spotify)

•  Our favorite VB (villian blogger) Kim Baldwin has an incredible podcast called Ladyland (but you knew that already, right?). This week Kim announced videos ahead of her upcoming season on the show.  Please enjoy catching up with author Mary Laura Philpot. Spoiler alert, there’s a standing desk made of trash. (Instagram, Ladyland)

  Jessica’s Green Bean Crunch Salad  is the taste and texture I want from my veggies.  (How Sweet Eats)

  It’s rhubarb season though, truth be told, rhubarb is pretty elusive here in Louisiana.  Hopefully you’re blessed with these sour pinky stalks.  Here’s some inspiration: my Buttery Crisp Rhubars (they’re very easy pie bars with a cheeky name), Jon’s Rhubarb Gin Fizz, and Deb’s Rhubarb Snacking Cake. (Joy the Baker, Instagram, Smitten Kitchen)

  An unexpectedly easy way to get funnel cake into your face at record speed – and it’s baked, baby! (Joy the Baker)

  These are my new favorite jeans. Yes, I’m back to wearing hard pants (if they have plenty of stretch). I tried on a few old pairs of shorts and promptly called the police. I hate shorts. All shorts should go straight to jail. (Rock & Roll Denim)

•  I’m not buying a new bathing suit this year because the YouSwim bathing suit I bought last year is my forever bathing suit.

•  Next week I’ll have some precious book recommendations from our friend Toby Lowenfels which couldn’t come at a better time because I need a book escape.  But, I also LOVE a good re-read.  I’m thinking of re-reading Wally Lamb’s I Know This Much Is True. He’s one of my favorite authors and I don’t remember much about storyline as much as I remember the all consuming feeling it gave me. (Thriftbooks)

Enjoy your Sunday. I really hope you do.

My love to you.

xo Joy

Joy the Baker – Founder May 8, 2022 at 06:18AM

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