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Logopaste joins PulPac’s Bottle Collective to help advance European beverage circularity

#Logopaste joins PulPac’s Bottle Collective to help advance European beverage circularity

20 Mar 2024 — Portuguese packaging producer Logopaste has joined PulPac and PA Consulting’s Bottle Collective, a scheme bringing major household brands together to incorporate Dry Molded Fiber technology into beverage product packaging.

Logoplaste specializes in injection molding and blowing and will help improve the overall barrier performance of bottle lining technology and adjust it to the specific needs of the consortium. The Bottle Collective is working to produce bottles with a lower environmental impact than typical single-use versions while also being cost-competitive and scalable for mass production.

Jamie Stone, partner at PA Consulting and PA’s PulPac Design and Innovation lead, tells Packaging Insights the collective is aiming to upgrade its barrier properties and have them available at scale on the market by 2026.

Innova Market Insights pegged “Breakthrough Barriers” as a top trend for 2024, noting that Barrier coatings are now a key focus in almost every part of the industry. Notably, the movement away from plastics and toward fiber-based solutions has led to the challenge of replicating grease and moisture protection and shelf life without using plastic.


“We are thrilled to announce this partnership with Logoplaste. Together with our global brand partners, we can fast-track the development of the world’s first Dry Molded Fiber bottle. We’ve already created the technology and the process,” says Stone.

“Partnering with established leaders in the rigid packaging space like Logoplaste reinforces to the market that our Dry Molded Fiber bottles are capable of being produced at the speed, volume, and cost necessary to match the massive scale of this global industry challenge.”

Bottle Collective expansion
Logoplaste says joining the collective was a “natural” move given its wall-to-wall embedded manufacturing business model. The company also highlights its materials, design, and process efficiencies expertise to ensure that rigid packaging solutions deliver environmental and economic benefits.

Logoplaste joins leading global companies Diageo, Haleon and Sanofi as a member of the collective.

“Collaboration has been core to PulPac’s mission and growth since day one. We’re excited to welcome Logoplaste into the expanding ecosystem of innovative packaging companies accelerating the adoption of Dry Molded Fiber,” says Sanna Fager, CEO at PulPac.

This collective is one element of PA and PulPac’s mission to use Dry Molded Fiber to convert renewable plant fibers into packaging and products.

As the global brand development partner for the Dry Molded Fiber technology, PA works with renowned brands to develop tailored packaging and product solutions. Through the collective approach, the companies work with multiple partners to address global and industry-wide sustainability challenges.

PulPac and PA are also running the Blister Pack Collective — a similar initiative to promote Dry Molded Fiber in the pharmaceutical industry.

By Louis Gore-Langton

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