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MakeUp LA: Texen Beauty Partners unveils collection of flexible tubes for customizable cosmetics

#MakeUp LA: Texen Beauty Partners unveils collection of flexible tubes for customizable cosmetics

13 Feb 2024 — Texen Beauty Partners is launching the “Aura” collection of tubes at the upcoming MakeUp in Los Angeles, US show, Feb 14-5. The collection comprises eight flexible tubes proposed with applicators and a range of dispensing systems that can be customized for personalized developments.

“After the COVID-19 pandemic created a changing mindset on consumer behavior, consumers were looking to buy products good for their skin but also for their spirit. The Aura collection is our interpretation of the complete routine a consumer needs to feel comfortable, good and confident,” Nathasha Marquez, marketing director of Texen Beauty Partners, tells Packaging Insights.

“The Tube packaging allows transportability, lets the consumers use their product every time, everywhere. Every time the consumers hold the product, a sense of satisfaction activates with the softer finish.”

Texen Beauty Partners details that Aura represents a holistic approach to makeup and skin care, expressing a notion of well-being to the consumer through color and chakra combinations and soft-touch packaging, the practicality of usage and the promise of results.

The products in the Aura collection target specific zones of the face and the scalp, which is a growing area of focus for brands and consumers. “Your aura is not good if it’s not well balanced; we interpret that balance with a specific area of your body. From the hair to the neck, wherever your consumer needs it, we’ve got it,” says Marquez.

Applicators have either dip formats or are fixed to the tube for a dual applicator and dispensing system role. Formats vary from 8-15 mL, and tips are adapted to the formula with sponge or silicone applicators or injected and synthetic-bristle brushes.

Aligning and balancing
Texen Beauty Partners opted for flexible tubes for the new collection for its practicality and flexibility. “It’s all about a perfect balance between the hardness of the tube body, the whipper, the distribution channel and the formula. We did some previous tests with different formula densities to deliver a performant tube,” explains Marquez.

“Nowadays, you can see more options regarding mascara ‘bodies’ – rigid, pouches and tubes. What’s important is to be sure that no matter the cap or the bottle, you always present a perfect match between brush, stem and whipper.”

Furthermore, the company exemplifies that when used for mascara or eyebrow makeup, the tube’s flexibility allows the formula to be softened by pressing it. The mini-formats also enable consumers to use the product on-the-go.

“Today, consumers and brands expect a more ‘earth conscious’ offer. No matter where and when the legislation goes, we anticipate by proposing products without styrene (ABS, POM, POK, etc.),” continues Marquez.

“Sustainability is not just a matter of materials but also of gesture and usage. Tube packaging is a way of consuming with less waste (because you use the whole formula inside) and longer lasting.”

By Radhika Sikaria

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