Mango Frosé.
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August 4, 2022

Mango Frosé.

This mango frosé is the perfect summer treat! It only requires two ingredients: a bottle of wine and frozen mango. Could not be easier or more delicious!

Hello I am here with your weekend treat!

Which is the easiest most delicious frosty treat you can make right now. Seriously, when you see how simple this is you won’t believe it. 

Guys, this could not be easier. I mean, it’s very embarrassing just HOW easy this is.

All you need is:

A bottle of rosé, right out of the fridge.

Frozen mango.


Yes. That is it. Much like my lemonade frosé or frozen strawberry lemonade, that is all you need to make this come together fast. These are SO incredibly simple but really delicious at the same time. Especially if you’re a mango freak like we are over here.

My watermelon frosé from a few years ago is one of my favorite summer drinks EVER. If you can even call it a drink. It’s a grown up slushy/dessert and so lovely for summer. Especially the dog days of August when it’s so super hot. I’m always looking for new twists on, well, everything.

So of course mango had to come into play.

We use frozen mango a lot – mostly in smoothies, occasionally in a frozen mango margarita. Regardless, I always have it in the freezer and since it’s so accessible, this recipe can be made in a pinch. Plus, it’s much easier for me to have good frozen mango as opposed to fresh mango – I can rarely find good ones that are ripe in time for me to use them. 

Also! It’s possible that I love rosé even more when it’s frozen, so this really hits the spot. It’s refreshing, icy, cooling and perfect right now. Pop in a sprig of mint and let’s go!  (more…)

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Jessica August 4, 2022 at 04:03PM

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