May Favorites.
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June 3, 2022

May Favorites.

may favorites

A peek at everything I loved in May 2022!


Solely Fruit Jerky. I am loving this as a take-along snack and the kids like it too. The mango is so good.

Fresca. This has been the discovery of the summer for me. I wrote about it in my Tuesday Things. This is the best grapefruit seltzer I have found – I find myself craving it. It’s SO delicious and refreshing.

Safe and Fair Birthday Cake Popcorn. Um, this is delicious. Just try it.

My lavender vanilla syrup for iced coffee. I can’t live in the summer without this in my fridge!


Lemon Pie Candle.This candle smells like wonderful warm lemon cheesecake. It’s also HUGE. Run to Target and see if it’s still in stock. Absolutely heavenly.

Hill House Silk Pillowcase. This is my favorite silk pillowcase. It’s superior to all others! It’s super soft and also has a zipper, which most don’t. I have two that I rotate.

Mallow Me Sticks. Best investment ever if you love s’mores. Perfect for roasting other things too, but I love these and they are easy to clean too. I soak the tips in soapy water.

Ziplock big bags. I am obsessed with these big bags for packing away/giving away kids clothes. Especially the baby stuff. I love that you can see in the bag but it keeps it clean and dry.


Kitsch satin scrunchies. Can’t believe I’m writing about a scrunchie in 2022 but here we are. In my defense, I’m not wearing it out but I am throwing my hair up in it when it’s dry and I don’t want it to have a crease. This is perfect. It’s so soft and stretchy.

WOW Dreamcoat Spray. I saw this all over IG and got it in a recent sephora sale. OMG. It has changed my hair life. My hair was great without any issues before kids. It’s been a mess ever since! It gets frizzy and dry and it just overall – not the same. This is incredible. You spray it on damp and have to activate it with heat, so you have to blow dry. I swear it makes my hair so smooth and KEEPS it smooth.

Image Skincare Tinted Rose Lipbalm. Another IG find. This smells like bubble gum and is a perfect pink tinted color. It’s so soft. I love wearing it during the day.


Align hip length tank. I almost screamed when I saw this online. I live for anything align – it’s so buttery soft and perfectly stretchy. They have had tanks for a while but they’ve all been cropped. Now they have these longer ones and I LOVE them.

Oofas Flip Flops. I wrote about these the last two years but it’s the start of summer so I must mention. These are the best supportive shoes for summer cooking and grilling. They are ugly as can be but incredibly supportive and great if you’re on your feet for a long time.


Book Lovers. This is one of my favorite books of the year so far. I always love Emily Henry’s books but this is the best – maybe because I am an actual book lover?!

GetSorted App. This app if life changing for clearing out the photos on your phone. You only need to do a few a day and you can gradually delete pics. I have over 200k photos (I KNOW!) and it’s super overwhelming. This has helped me SO MUCH. I’ve sorted through thousands and thousands.

My 2022 summer country playlist on spotify. I make one every year and it gets me in such a summer mood!


Marvin’s Magic Pens. We are a big art family – some days the kids spend hours doing art. I surprised them with these and they LOVE them. They really are like magic secret pens. I would have lost it over these as a kid.

Whirly Squigz toys. These are one of Jordan’s favorite toys – they are great for travel or eating out too. You can stick them on any glass (like a door/window), on a table and he generally just loves to chew on them too.

Reef Ahi Flip Flops. We get a pair of these for the kids each year and they use them all summer until they are practically falling apart. Such great quality and really comfy for the kids. They love picking out a new pair each year.

[none of this is sponsored, i just love to tell you what i love every month! there are a few general affiliate links above! xo]

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