Watch the First Televised Presidential Debate: JFK vs. Nixon

On Sept. 26, 1960, American politics changed forever as television carried a presidential debate for the first time in history.…

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Over a quarter of UK adults considering not having children due to climate change

New polling commissioned by The Climate Coalition shows 18-24 year olds most likely to delay or not have children due…

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Biodiversity 101

When you hear about habitat destruction, invasive species, and extinctions, what you’re hearing about is the loss of biodiversity. And…

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Earth911 Podcast: SHÄP’s Jürgen Pretsch on Building a Sustainable Sharing Economy

Jürgen Pretsch is the founder of SHÄP, a recently launched rental marketplace that focuses on connecting people with items to…

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Greener Shopping Difference Maker: The Oasense Reva Smart Low-Flow Showerhead

A sustainable home will be a smarter home, and you can start with the shower. The Oasense Reva smart showerhead…

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