Let It Be Sunday, 390!

Hello Joynation,  A friend recently clued me in to the Health app and now—surprise—I’m obsessed with tracking my steps. Last…

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The secrets of medieval nanotechnology revealed in new study

Last year researchers revealed that medieval artisans were somehow able to make use of a form of nanotechnology to create…

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Egyptian ram skull bell rings again after 1,000 years

More than 1,200 ram skulls sacrificed for the cult of the Pharaoh Ramses II have been discovered at the Temple…

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Emergentist Integrated Information Theory

Abstract The integrated information theory (IIT) is an ambitious theory of consciousness that aims to provide both a neuroscientific and…

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Currently Crushing On.

Hello and happy Saturday! This week on the blog I shared this delicious roasted broccoli caesar salad. I also shared…

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