Learning to Read and Write: Women’s Education in the Middle Ages

By Lucie Laumonier Centered on female education in the European Middle Ages – in particular in the later Middle Ages…

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13 Surprising Alum Powder Uses and Benefits

The use of alum powder dates back hundreds of years in history. You can easily see it in old remedies.…

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‘Toyotas of War’ Is the Photo Archive We Never Knew We Needed

No one can argue that Toyota vehicles are dependable, affordable, and abundant. But ask any veteran of the last 50…

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Harald Hardrada: Against the Bulgarians

By James Turner In this article, we look at Harald Hardrada’s rewarding service within the Varangian Guard, the Byzantine-Bulgarian conflict,…

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‘We can end the climate wars’: Can Australia’s ‘greenslide’ election provide renewed momentum for COP27?

Australia looks set to ditch its climate-laggard global status after voters strongly backed more ambitious green policies – but can…

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