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Mondi declares compostability certification for its entire kraft paper range

#Mondi declares compostability certification for its entire kraft paper range

01 Nov 2023 — Mondi announced that its kraft paper portfolio for packaging has been certified as home or industrially compostable. 

While recyclability remains Mondi’s focus to keep fibers in circulation, composting can be a viable end-of-life option for certain applications, including those disposed of in the biowaste stream. 

Silvia Hanzelova, sales director at Specialty Kraft Paper, Mondi, says: “Certifications like these illustrate our ongoing commitment to provide our customers with the most suitable and sustainable packaging materials and solutions.” 

“[Certifications] give all our industrial, commercial and manufacturing customers the confidence that our papers are compostable and reassure them that, with us, they are working toward a more sustainable future. A future that continues to provide strong, effective packaging tailored to their individual needs.”

Compostable product range 
Mondi’s kraft papers are made from renewable and certified sources, which can support customers in achieving their environmental sustainability targets. Customers can benefit from a comprehensive product range to meet requirements for industrial packaging, shopping bags for retailers and food packaging for supermarket shelves. 

An example of Mondi’s compostable kraft papers is Advantage MF EcoComp, which is designed for household and agricultural use and is used for paper bags for wet organic household waste. 

Another example is Mondi’s EcoVantage kraft paper, which combines fresh and recycled fibers for environmentally sustainable and food-compliant shopping packaging.

The certification is said to demonstrate Mondi’s Action Plan 2030 environmental sustainability commitment to make 100% of its packaging and paper products reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.

Today, Packaging Insights is speaking with Mondi Group’s director for eCommerce, Nedim Nisic, in an online webinar (November 1, at 2 PM CET). 

Together with Nisic, we will delve into cutting-edge e-commerce packaging innovations. From automation advancements to groundbreaking design revolutions, this webinar will equip packagers to stay ahead in e-commerce packaging, fulfillment and sustainability goals.

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