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Mother of Pearl Vodka debuts “world’s first” Australian vodka in paper bottle at Bar Convent Singapore

#Mother of Pearl Vodka debuts “world’s first” Australian vodka in paper bottle at Bar Convent Singapore

09 Nov 2023 — Mother of Pearl Vodka of the Sea, an Australian drinks brand, launched its grape-based vodka in Frugalpac’s paper Frugal Bottle at the first-ever Bar Convent Singapore trade show, November 6-7. The release marks the first time an Australian brand introduced a product in the “world’s only commercially available paper bottle for wines, spirits and olive oils.”

The paper Frugal Bottle, made from 94% recycled cardboard, claims to be five times lighter — with a carbon footprint six times lower — than glass bottles. The Mother of Pearl Vodka Frugal Bottle was displayed at the Pasir Panjang Power Station in the Emerging Brands Pavilion at the trade show.

Frugalpac details that Mother of Pearl Vodka adopted its “sustainable” packaging to reflect the Australian environment and the co-founders’ outdoor antipodean lifestyles. Nic Hancock, co-founder of Mother of Pearl Vodka, says: “[We’re] proud to be the first Australian producers to use the Frugal Bottle for our premium grape-based vodka and we were thrilled to be holding the world launch of the Mother of Pearl Vodka of the Sea paper bottle at Bar Convent.” 

“With my background in 5-star hospitality, I love that we’re bringing a stylish, innovative product to the Australian and Southeast Asian drinks markets, which not only cuts our carbon footprint but will help reduce the hospitality industry’s carbon footprint too.”

The Frugal Bottle weighs 83 g before filling and offers 360-degrees branding for enhanced shelf presence.Lightweight and attractive
Frugalpac encourages wineries, distillers and packaging businesses to invest in Frugal Bottle assembly machines to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly packaging. 

The paper Frugal Bottle’s benefits were reinforced by an independent LCA conducted by Intertek, showcasing its lower carbon and water footprints compared to glass and plastic bottles.

“The Frugal Bottle uses up to 77% less plastic. Only 15 g compared to a 64 g bottle made from 100% recycled plastic. The food-grade pouch is a PE metallized polyester laminate, the same material used in bag in box wines. It is recyclable,” details the company.

The Frugal Bottle weighs 83 g before filling and offers 360-degrees branding for enhanced shelf presence. Additionally, it says the bottle “is made from recycled paperboard. No other wine or spirits bottle looks or feels like it, so it stands out on the shelf and table.”

This year, the British packaging provider was also named “SME of the Year” in the UK Green Business Awards and the “Innovation of the Year” award winner at the East Anglian Daily Times Business Awards 2023.

Frugalpac CEO Malcolm Waugh expressed delight in welcoming Mother of Pearl as the first Australian drinks producer to adopt the paper Frugal Bottle. “More than 35 brands are already using the Frugal Bottle for wine and spirits around the world and we welcome Nic and Nicola to the paper bottle revolution and wish them every success,” he says.

Meanwhile, Hancock looks toward the prospects of the paper bottles and says: “The opportunities for this shatterproof, lightweight packaging are huge and we’re delighted to be early adopters of it and excited to see how far we can push into new markets.”

By Radhika Sikaria

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