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July 13, 2022

Must Read: Willa Bennett Named Editor in Chief of ‘Highsnobiety,’  Eileen Fisher Launches Digital Platform to Tackle Textile Waste


Willa Bennett in a pink suit in 2019.

Photo: Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Teen Vogue

Willa Bennett is the new editor in chief of Highsnobiety
Bennett, 27, enters the culture and fashion media company from GQ, where she was the magazine’s first female head of social media strategy. Bennett will report directly to founder and chief executive officer David Fischer and succeeds Thom Bettridge in the role. “Highsnobiety is such an important voice in fashion and culture, and I am thrilled to usher the brand into a new, exciting era,” said Bennett in a statement. {WWD}

The Eileen Fisher Foundation launches Hey Fashion! to help tackle fashion waste
The Eileen Fisher Foundation (EFF) in partnership with Pentatonic has launched HEY FASHION!, a digital platform that refines the complexities of textile waste into tangible actions to initiate real change in the fashion industry. “As the leader of an apparel company, I feel an urgency to address the challenges the industry faces regarding textile waste, overconsumption and circular design” states Eileen Fisher, Founder of EFF and her own namesake brand. EFF’s larger mission is to prove to those in fashion the financial, environmental and social opportunities and benefits of confronting the climate crisis. {Fashionista inbox}

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