My Favorite Bircher Muesli.
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August 24, 2022

My Favorite Bircher Muesli.

This bircher muesli is our absolute favorite! Oats, nuts, dried fruit and coconut and mixed with yogurt, milk, vanilla, grated apple and more. Store overnight in the fridge then serve in the morning for the most satisfying breakfast!

Say hello to my favorite breakfast!

bircher muesli

Until my next favorite comes along, but you know.

If you’re looking for a good back-to-school breakfast, whether it’s for you or your kids or whoever, THIS IS IT.

I am telling you it is so delicious, so chewy, flavorful and satisfying – it really keeps you full for hours. It’s fantastic. 

oats, coconut, nuts, dried cherries

Okay so I am IN LOVE with this bircher muesli. Bircher muesli is soaked (usually overnight) and regular muesli is dry. I do not know when I first discovered it – maybe five years ago or so? We can probably find it if we do a deep dive on Tuesday Things because I’m positive I talked about it.

Anyway, this is like overnight oats but even better. So hearty and satisfying and super delicious.

grated apple in muesli

It’s no secret that I adore overnight oatsmy classic peanut butter overnight oats are my go-to version when I want to throw together a breakfast the night before.

And make it fast. I’ve also done some butter roasted cherry overnight oats that are incredible too.

yogurt and milk in bircher muesli

I know overnight oats are not for everyone, but I personally love the super chewy, textured oats.

I love that you can add anything in to spice them up and that they take a few minutes to put together the night before.

bircher muesli

Bircher muesli is similar, but has fruit added along with a touch of fruit juice. Apples are the most common addition to the muesli and they add excellent flavor to the oats. I grate mine in, mix in the yogurt and mix and let everything chill in the fridge over night. It is perfect. 

It also works so well with the seasons! You can add whatever fruit is in season, change up your toppings depending on the time of year, and make it really work for your palate in the mornings.

bircher muesli

Now I will say that I don’t like mine to be SUPER cold, so I’ll take them out about 20 minutes before eating to take the chill off. They are also incredibly portable (obviously) and last a few days, so you can make a couple portions. 

These have more texture than traditional overnight oats and the flavor is a little more complex too. Since we add yogurt, these are even a bit more satisfying that my old stand by. 

bircher muesli

And of course, the best part of all: the TOPPINGS!

I like to do a mix of fruit, some chia or hemp seeds, almond or peanut or any other nut butter, maybe even some chocolate chips if I’m feeling it. You can also add a splash of milk or cream if you want the mixture more hydrated. (more…)

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