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New Medieval Books: Middle Imperial China, 900-1350

#New Medieval Books: Middle Imperial China, 900-1350

Middle Imperial China, 900-1350: A New History

By Linda Walton

Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 978-1-108-43075-3

An overview of Chinese history during the Song and Yuan dynasties, covering its politics, international relations, religion, economics and more. Offers a look into time when China was deeply interconnected with its neighbours and other parts of the medieval world.


This storyline might be bookended by two related statements made by the editor of the Song volume in a definitive series on Chinese history: the first describes the Song as not only surviving but thriving in “the most multipolar East Asian world in Chinese imperial history”; the second says that the Mongol conquest “marked the end of a multipolar world that had existed since the late eighth century.” The consequences of the Mongol conquest for Chinese and Eurasian history were profound, but its precise impact on political, economic, cultural, and social life was complex and remains inadequately understood. This book aims to place Chinese history within its Eurasian world setting, and to reflect as fully as possible the current state of knowledge about the many and diverse actors and players on that stage: Khitan, Jurchen, Tanguts, Uighurs, Tibetans, and Mongols.

Who is this book for?

The book, which is desgined to be used as a course textbook, offers an introduction and overview of China during it’s one of most interesting periods, so it will be useful for those wanting to know more about medieval Chinese history. It will also appeal to those researching the Mongols as well as those who work on the ‘Global Middle Ages’.

The author

Linda Walton is Professor Emerita at Portland State University, where she focuses on Chinese history.

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