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Origin develops environmental policy rethink for sustainability definitions in healthcare packaging

#Origin develops environmental policy rethink for sustainability definitions in healthcare packaging

30 Jan 2024 — Global pharmaceutical solutions provider Origin has announced its “Environmental Positioning Policy” to redefine sustainability standards within the healthcare and lifestyle sectors.

The company says the policy strengthens Origin’s commitment to environmentally responsible practices without compromising on product safety and efficacy.

In recognizing the role of sustainability within its operations, the new policy emphasizes a holistic approach that scrutinizes each decision, encompasses material selection, design optimization, industry compliance, emission reduction and on-site impact mitigation, asserts the pharmaceutical solutions provider.

Keith Wade, Origin’s managing director, says: “We believe a thoughtful policy, centered on eco-friendly principles and long-term sustainability, will yield the greatest benefits for our stakeholders and the environment.”

“Our foremost goal remains to ensure pharmaceutical, health and well-being products get to patients and consumers as intended. We integrate sustainability efforts into this mission without compromising product safety or usability.”

Hands on medication box.The policy aims to balance sustainability and patient safety.Balancing safety and sustainability
With over 60 years of expertise, Origin — and its flagship brands Lifestyle Packaging and DiD — caters to the “unique” demands of the healthcare and lifestyle industries. Its services include design and product development, regulatory compliance, testing, production and managed supply.

The new policy balances environmental sustainability and ensuring patient safety and medicine integrity. Origin commits to sourcing and manufacturing eco-friendly materials while ensuring they meet healthcare packaging standards.

Key highlights of Origin’s new Environmental Positioning Policy include details on how the company prioritizes recyclability by using glass, plastic, cardboard and paper to meet patient safety and sustainability criteria.

Meanwhile, it outlines its commitment to continuously evaluating optimal packaging design and maintaining its dedication to meeting industry-leading environmental standards through certification and compliance.

Additionally, efforts in onshoring activities and managed supply chains will focus on reducing emissions, while measures will be taken to limit energy consumption internally through waste generation and the continued education of Origin’s workforce on sustainable practices.

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