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September 16, 2022

Pesto Bucatini Pie.

This pesto pasta pie is super delicious, satisfying and fun to eat! Bucatini is mixed with a cheesy filling and your favorite pesto and then baked until it comes together with the crunchiest outside. Serve alongside a salad and enjoy!

Now this is a pie that I can get behind!

This pesto bucatini pie is super delicious and easy to make. A savory pasta baked into a pan with fresh pesto and cheese, until the top is super crunchy and crispy and the inside is rich, tender and melty. 


ingredients for fresh basil

Um hi, yes I’m back with another pasta pie!

I’ve made two in the last decade which seems like, well, quite a few for putting pasta in pie. It’s not like an everyday thing, you know?

Yet here I am with another version so, let’s just go with it.

A pesto version!

bucatini and pesto

It’s the last full week of summer here and my herbs are still going strong. I know it won’t last much longer so I am looking for all the ways to use up my basil. I will definitely make pesto and freeze it in batches, but in the meantime I’m taking some of these last summer flavors and incorporating them into our dinners. 

Like this! Pesto pasta pie. Music to my ears.

pesto pasta pie in a pan

I’ve made a mini meatball bucatini pie and a cacio e pepe pie – both of which are outstandingly delicious. They are decadent and wonderful, also kind of fancy but not hard to make. They are a good family meal because they can feed multiple people when served with a big greens salad and/or roasted broccoli

Plus, a pasta pie is super satisfying. Life major comfort food. 

pesto pasta pie

This is not difficult to make! The key is using a springform pan. I highly suggest place a piece of foil around the bottom of your pan *just in case* you have any pasta pie spillage, but I will tell you in all my years of making these, I’ve never had it leak out the bottom. 

To make it, cook the pasta first. I love bucatini because it’s such a thick noodle. You can use another cut of pasta here, but I find that long noodles work best. 

The filling is pretty basic: milk, cheese, eggs, pesto. Yes, you can also use a store-bought pesto here too if you have a good one. 

Everything goes into the pan! The filling and the pasta, mixed together and pressed into the springform pan. It’s that easy! 

pesto pasta pie

I like to dollop more pesto on top of the pie before baking. Then bake and the end result is this super crunchy, crisp top. And sides!

Oh yes, the crunchy sides and topping may be my favorite part. Think of the most delicious crisp cheese that burns onto your pan or skillet when cooking – that is what the top and sides taste like. Amazing!  (more…)

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