Pesto, Peach and Prosciutto Pizza.
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July 13, 2022

Pesto, Peach and Prosciutto Pizza.

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This pesto peach pizza is seriously divine! Made on the grill, it has burrata and thinly sliced prosciutto on top, lots of parmesan and fresh herbs. Perfect for a summer pizza.

This pizza has all the Ps.

pesto peach pizza with prosciutto and burrata

Pesto, peach, prosciutto… all on pizza! I don’t know if it can get more delicious than this.

pesto peach pizza with prosciutto and burrata

I love peaches on pizza so much. They are unexpected but complement nearly anything else you can add: all sorts of cheese, herbs, tomatoes, even chicken or other vegetables. You don’t THINK you will enjoy peaches on pizza and then you have said pizza and can’t believe you went so long without the combo. 

pesto peach pizza with prosciutto and burrata

Of course, this is not the first time I put peaches on your pizza! A few years ago I made this peach and corn pizza and it is truly divine. One of the best summer pizzas you can make. I’ve also done a peach ricotta pizza with microgreens. Serious yum. 

So now, you have three summer peach pizzas to make! How to choose… 

pesto peach pizza with prosciutto and burrata

Peaches and pesto go together like PB and J. So herby, so fresh, so sweet – the combination is delicious any way that you serve it. On salad, in a sandwich, as an appetizer and obviously pizza. Cannot get enough over here. 

Which reminds me – I need a post of just my classic pesto recipe! It is the absolute best. I make it every week and we use it on EVERYTHING. Nothing is off limits. 

Now that doesn’t mean you have to use a traditional pesto here, even though I do love the basil and peach combination. You can use any pesto you make at home or buy. Kale pesto, pistachio pesto, arugula pesto – truly anything.

pesto peach pizza with prosciutto and burrata

We already know the pizza has three P’s – pesto, peaches and prosciutto.

What I haven’t told you yet is that it also has burrata! Oh YES.

As if this pizza could get any better? I mean burrata is one of the highlights here. 

And the entire pizza is grilled, which gives it a crispy, chewy crust and lots of charred and smoky flavor. 

This is divine. 

pesto peach pizza with prosciutto and burrata

When it comes to grilling pizza, the key is to move FAST. I almost exclusively grill our pizzas in the summer. Otherwise I use the ooni pizza oven.

When I prep the pizza for the grill, I have everything ready to go. In this case, I thinly slice my peaches. I pull the burrata cheese apart and have it on a plate so I can quickly transfer it to the dough. I have my pesto out with a spoon and spatula.

Moving fast is important so the dough transfers easily from the peel to the grill. Have all the things ready to go and you’ll have grilled pizza success. (more…)

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