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PharmaPack 2024: Cosmogen gears up to highlight beauty and pharmaceutical packaging

#PharmaPack 2024: Cosmogen gears up to highlight beauty and pharmaceutical packaging

18 Jan 2024 — Cosmogen will, for the first time, showcase its over-the-counter (OTC) treatments next week at PharmaPack.

The OTC treatments are designed to best support a product in its function of “relief, repair and well-being.” to s meet safety, hygiene, application efficacy and sustainable development standards.

The Squeze’n range has a closure designed for dispensing, application and applicator cleaning.

It is available in micro, mini, medium and maxi formats with needle tubes, dropper tubes and reuse sticks. The packaging is suited for solid formulas, which are “increasingly common in pharmacies.”

“We constantly conduct market research to anticipate and have learned a lot from the beauty industry… In the pharmaceutical sector, the offer of OTC products is increasingly competitive. Pharmaceutical brands are looking for differentiation and turning to application experts who also meet pharmaceutical regulatory standards,” Maud Lelievre, marketing and communication director at Cosmogen, tells Personal Care Insights.

Beauty and pharma intersection
Alvadiem selected the tube with a brush for its soothing nail care. Pharmaceutical company Boiron uses the classic Squeeze Roll for its CBD gel. Ceramol’s Spot Block, a targeted acne treatment, is packaged in the Spot Tip tube.

A hand putting nail gel on with Cosmogen packaging.Cosmogen will attend PharmaPack for the first time.Meanwhile, Pharmagel chose the Maxi Squeeze’n Sculpt for its anti-cellulite body treatment. Mantecorp selected the dropper tube for its ultra-targeted blancy cis treatment and Gelol the Triball tube for its relaxing massage treatment.

Cosmogen says it is “now positioning itself as a supplier of high value-added primary packaging solutions for manufacturers in the pharmaceutical sector.”

Lelievre asserts: “Since the first patented packaging of the Squeeze’n range with applicator, we have continued to innovate with new applicators, improve the concept, anticipate and follow regulatory rules. I also remind you that our R&D and Innovation team has been trained in eco-design.”

“We have long been committed to offering increasingly sustainable products. And the Squeeze’n range is the perfect example of an eco-solution. We have made the products separable to recycle the different parts properly or to reuse the applicator on a refill because it is the most valuable part.”

Cosmogen specifies that the Squeze’n range is designed to be removable, with a reusable applicator on a refill made from recycled and recyclable material. Reuse sticks are made from a single material and feature a refill system.

“Cosmogen already has several customers in this sector. We will pay attention to the pharmaceutical market and brands’ expectations in the future to innovate responsibly for safe and sustainable health and beauty with respect for the people and the environment,” concludes Lelievre.

By Sabine Waldeck

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