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April 27, 2022

Pimento Cheese Deviled Eggs with Crushed Potato Chips.

These pimento cheese deviled eggs are made with a rich pimento cheese filling, topped with sliced scallions, pimentos and crushed potato chips for extra crunch and flavor!

Hello hello, it’s time for fancy deviled eggs!

These deviled eggs are made with a classic-ish filling and one secret ingredient: pimento cheese! Plus topped with some crushed potato chips for the best flavor ever.

I live for a fancy deviled egg!

deviled egg filling

And it’s not the first time I’m doing a fancy deviled egg. I’ve made smoked salmon deviled eggs, bacon buffalo deviled eggs, french onion deviled eggs and blue cheese asparagus deviled eggs.

Don’t get me wrong – I do love the traditional version. But as usual, I really love ones with a modern twist! 

filled deviled eggs

So. I’m purposely sharing these after Easter… that way you can have them in time for the Kentucky Derby weekend! Plus, I wanted to mix up two derby favorites: pimento cheese + deviled eggs are a match made in heaven. 

pimento cheese deviled eggs

We LOVE pimento cheese in this house. Here is my favorite recipe! It’s an amazing dip/spread to have on hand for snacking, for parties, for burgers – everything.

pimento cheese deviled eggs

Now here’s why I love this recipe.

My pimento cheese is absolutely delicious and makes a big portion. Whether you’re making it from scratch OR buying it from somewhere, you will most likely have a few spoonfuls left. Or a few spoonfuls to spare before serving.

This is the perfect way to spruce up regular old deviled eggs! Add a little zing and flavor. 

pimento cheese deviled eggs

Plus, we’re going to top them with some scallions, a few pimentos and most importantly, crushed potato chips.

Um, YES. 

Crispy, salty potato chips for some extra crunch and a touch of flavor. I love them as a garnish. What can I say!? 

pimento cheese deviled eggs

I have a deviled egg hack when it comes to the filling these. Since all pimento cheese varieties are slightly different in texture, you may run into some issues with how thick the filling can get. I suggest using some of the juice from the jar of diced pimentos to keep the filling super smooth and creamy. 

This is something you’ll have to judge by eye and feel of the spoon in the deviled egg filling. But it works like a charm! 

pimento cheese deviled eggs

These are so super fun! They are unique enough without being WEIRD, you know? Like my family members who think I make too many nontraditional things? They eat these because they are just as good as the classic.

And they’re extra special!  (more…)

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