Pimento Cheese Quiche with Everything Seasoning.
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April 15, 2022

Pimento Cheese Quiche with Everything Seasoning.

This pimento cheese quiche is delicious served warm or cold! Flaky crust covered with everything seasoning, filled with pimento cheese, fresh herbs and scallions. Perfect for brunch or dinner!

Two of my favorite things are coming together today!

pimento cheese quiche with everything seasoning

Pimento cheese IN a quiche. Oh my word. We’re making this a thing and it’s absolutely delicious. Creamy pimento cheese in a rich quiche with a flaky crust. It is so darn good and I can’t wait for you to try it.

Oh also, it’s loaded with scallions and fresh herbs (so springy!) and the crust is sprinkled with everything seasoning. Could this be any better?!

eggs, herbs, milk

It took me years to get into loving quiche. I had a mental block against the dish as a kid. We once went on a playdate when I was a kid – how I remember this, I have no idea – with some neighbor kids and they served quiche. It was not my favorite and it turned me off for years!

quiche ready to bake

It’s a shame too, because we were big breakfast-for-dinner people. I loved the nights my mom would make breakfast for dinner. She still loves it! Growing up she’d make eggs or sandwiches and maybe potato pancakes – a whole array of things.

I think now, MAN, if we only had a good quiche back then it would have been perfect. Also, kind of easy. Especially for dinner! It can even be made ahead of time.

pimento cheese quiche with everything seasoning

And that’s the whole thing. Quiche is the best because it can be served warm or cold. Straight from the fridge or served warm and cheesy. 

pimento cheese quiche with everything seasoning

This quiche is extra special because it’s filled with pimento cheese! I love to think of spring as pimento cheese season, but let’s be real – every season is pimento cheese season. The key here is to add a scoop of room temperature (so slightly soft) pimento cheese to the eggs and blending it all together before pouring the mixture in the crust.


This adds flavor and so much richness to the quiche. As if a quiche needed to be richer? I know. But it’s super delicious.

pimento cheese quiche with everything seasoning

I use my favorite pimento cheese recipe. If you make it from scratch, you can easily do it ahead of time. You won’t use that entire recipe, so it can hang out in the fridge until you find yourself walking by every five minutes and dipping a pretzel in it. Oh yes. 

But! You don’t HAVE to make the pimento cheese – it’s pretty easy to find these days. You would most likely find it at the deli counter in your local grocery store, around house-made dips and cheeses. AKA, my favorite place to be.

pimento cheese quiche with everything seasoning

For the crust, I use my grandmother’s pie crust but of course, you can use a store-bought one too.

This is amazing for a busy weeknight if you want to go the semi-homemade route. It’s also fabulous if you prepare the entire thing ahead of time. You can reheat slices for lunch or dinner and even grab it cold from the fridge on your way out the door. (more…)

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