Pistachio Crusted Salmon with Shaved Asparagus Salad.
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March 9, 2022

Pistachio Crusted Salmon with Shaved Asparagus Salad.

This pistachio crusted salmon is such an incredible dinner! Buttery, flaky fish with a flavorful, crunchy topping served alongside a shaved asparagus salad with parmesan. The perfect spring combo!

A new spring dinner is on the table for you!

pistachio crusted salmon with shaved asparagus salad

This pistachio crusted salmon is a fun and unique way to serve your favorite fish. It’s buttery and flakey and crunchy on top. Plus it’s paired with my new favorite spring salad that has already become a staple in this kitchen. 

I love a meal like this. Filling and full of flavor. 

Yes please. 

salmon with herb yogurt

If you’re observing lent and looking for a new twist on the salmon you make each week, I highly suggest giving this recipe a go. It roasts quickly and is incredibly good. 

chopped pistachios

I love changing up our salmon recipes! I’ll spare you my rambling rants about how Eddie didn’t love salmon so I would mostly make it for myself… BUT! The excellent news in this house is that he is back on the salmon train. So I can make it in many delicious ways for everyone to enjoy.

salmon with herb yogurt and pistachios

This recipe makes me particularly happy. I’m crazy about pistachios. I cover the salmon in a blanket of yogurt sauce with fresh herbs and lemon. This alone adds a lot of flavor and is absolutely delish. 

But then! 

I top it with crushed pistachios for crunchy and more savory, buttery flavor. Oh my heavens. 

shaved asparagus

One forkful reveals how soft and buttery the fish is while the top remains crisp and full of fantastic texture. Exactly the kind of dish I adore.

This is one of those meals that is so good, I find myself taking bites off the pan as I’m getting it ready for everyone. 

pistachio crusted salmon

Now to serve it… 

Let’s talk about this asparagus salad. I’ve made shaved asparagus salads before. Something about this super simple one is just absolutely delicious. I swear that as these asparagus strands sit in the dressing, they marinate to the point where they almost get noodle-like. The texture is INCREDIBLE.

pistachio crusted salmon with shaved asparagus salad

I love a simple arugula salad and that’s where I got the inspiration for this asparagus version. It’s so easy. Shaved asparagus, olive oil, lemon zest and juice, lots of salt, pepper and parmesan. Just a few ingredients, but it’s refreshing, bright and just what we need to bring in this spring season.

P.S. Is anyone else absolutely thrilled that we get to turn the clocks ahead this weekend and gain more sunlight?! YES PLEASE. (more…)

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