Pumpkin Beer Cheese Skillet with Soft Pretzels.
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October 7, 2022

Pumpkin Beer Cheese Skillet with Soft Pretzels.

These pumpkin beer cheese pretzels are divine! Fluffy, soft pretzel rolls topped with flaky salt and baked in a skillet full of beer cheese dip made with pumpkin beer. Absolutely delicious and cozy and wonderful!

Soft pretzels and beer cheese are on tap for the weekend!

pumpkin beer cheese with soft pretzel rolls

These soft and fluffy soft pretzel bites are topped with crunchy salt and hanging out in a bubbly, melty beer cheese dip that is top notch. 

This combo is heavenly. It ranks up there with peanut butter and chocolate. Or peanut butter and jelly. Or cheese and crackers!

You get the drift. 

soft pretzel dough

I mean, just look at it – I don’t think we need much convincing. 

pumpkin beer cheese with soft pretzel rolls

I love how October-y soft pretzels feel. Maybe it’s the faux Octoberfest menus at our local restaurants, but I’m into it. They are warm and cozy and if you make some pumpkin beer cheese to go with – um, hello. No one can resist.

If you want to show your family and friends some foodie love, make them this. That is my favorite expression of love – cooking delicious food! As if it was a giant secret or something. But seriously, this is a labor of love and one that everyone truly adores.

pumpkin beer cheese with soft pretzel rolls

Soft pretzels are so high maintenance but homemade ones can’t be beat. My family goes WILD for them. The kids all love them, even Jordan. Eddie lives for pretzel buns for sandwiches. They are a special treat in our house and sometimes I dread making them, because of the whole dough rising and baking soda bath thing. But they turn out so wonderfully that I am always thrilled that I did it. 

So is everyone else!

pumpkin beer cheese with soft pretzel rolls

While the soft pretzels are good, they are merely a vehicle for CHEESE. The creamiest, meltiest beer cheese dip. Remember last year when I made everything pretzel bites with chipotle beer cheese? YEP.

Just as good. 

This pumpkin beer cheese is incredible. It’s not overly pumpkin flavored – we’re using pumpkin beer, not pumpkin puree or spice. So depending on how pumpkiny or spiced your beer is, that will determine the flavor. If you have a pumpkin beer you love, then you’ll most likely love it in this dip. 

pumpkin beer cheese with soft pretzel rolls

I know that this recipe can seem intimidating. I make my pretzel dough first. While it rises, I grate my cheese and measure out everything for the beer cheese sauce. That way I’m ready to go!

Once the dough has doubled, I form it into tiny rolls for the skillet. I also have another sheet pan of plain pretzel rolls that aren’t baked in cheese – you can use these for dipping too! While they do their second short rise, I make the beer cheese.

Then comes the part when you boil the pretzels in baking soda. This is necessary for that golden, crusty pretzel top. Don’t skip it!

I make a ring of the pretzel dough in an oven-safe skillet then pour the beer cheese in the center. I bake for 25 minutes or so until the cheese is super bubbly and the pretzels are, well…pretzels!  (more…)

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