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Ranpak equips Antalis with void fill paper converter for e-commerce cost and space savings

#Ranpak equips Antalis with void fill paper converter for e-commerce cost and space savings

12 Feb 2024 — Antalis has increased its range of equipment for e-commerce with the addition of the new FillPak Trident Mini from Ranpak. The machine can reduce costs by up to 20% compared to traditional packaging solutions. 

The Trident Mini tackles head-on the perennial challenge of warehouse and packing space often experienced by e-commerce businesses. The equipment saves warehouse space by dispensing high-speed (up to 1.4 m/s) paper void fill on demand. 

“The new Trident Mini is a great addition to our range of void fill paper converters — which also includes the ever-popular Geami WrapPak manual converter — we have carefully curated for e-commerce businesses. Compact and mobile, these machines offer the flexibility e-commerce operations need to manage the ebb and flow of demand,” says Stuart Bates, head of Automation and Systems at Antalis

The machine’s design, configurable mounting options and compact footprint make it suitable for busy packing stations with limited space.

One of the new Trident Mini’s features is its “unique,” patented, triangular-shaped kraft paper pad. Besides producing “highly effective” void fill, it reduces material use while the simple loading process improves productivity. Consumers can dispose of the paper via domestic curbside recycling.

With five operating modes, including batch and recipe, users can quickly navigate and utilize custom packaging solutions via the Human Machine Interface touchscreen.

The Trident Mini is suitable for e-commerce, electrical retail and pharma operations packing multiple small packages a day.

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