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May 26, 2022

Red, White and Pickled Blueberry Burrata.

This pickled blueberry burrata is a fun twist on a red, white and blue dish for the summertime! This red white and blue burrata is a hit, with the tangy blueberries, saucy tomatoes and creamy burrata cheese.

If you want a festive red, white and blue snack for the summertime, I’ve got you.

This pickled blueberry burrata is such a fun twist on a red, white and blue appetizer for the summer. And who doesn’t love burrata cheese?!

pickled blueberries

This burrata platter is nothing groundbreaking, with burst tomatoes and garlic and the melty, creamy cheese. Except for… the pickled blueberries!

Say hello to one of your newest obsessions. These are fun, delicious, pretty and absolutely perfect for the summer.

pickled blueberries

I’ve pickled peaches before so I figured, why not pickle blueberries?! And if it allows me to make some savory red, white and blue treats for the summer, even better.

I’ve seen the mozzarella, tomatoes and blueberry combo before – usually in a version of a caprese salad for a red, white and blue theme. 

Now while I love the savory and sweet combo, I wanted something a leeeettle more savory. 

burrata an burst tomatoes

Pickled onions are a MAJOR fave around here. It’s no secret that I love to put them on just about everything. I keep them in my fridge at all times, making a new batch each week. They elevate so many meals and make things extra delicious and special. 

I knew blueberries would be just as delicious, if not more – because of their sweetness! We’re just doing a quick pickle, so these last in the fridge for about a week. I like to heat the pickling liquid in a saucepan then pour it over the blueberries. This helps to pickle them fast – though of course you can make them ahead of time and store in the fridge too!

red white and pickled blueberry burrata platter

These blueberries are incredible in salads and any sort of cheese board. We love them! And I’m such a briney, vinegary freak that I can eat them right out of the jar.

I like to burst the tomatoes too – because it adds an extra juicy and almost tomato sauce-like effect. If you don’t want to take that extra step, just slice some cherry tomatoes, maybe marinate in a bit of olive oil and balsamic and toss on top with the blueberries. Nothing fancy here, no specific recipe. Take these ingredients and combine them in the best way you love.

red white and pickled blueberry burrata platter

Most importantly, the kids loved this. Emilia loves any and all dips, which burrata can kind of be classified as once sliced open. And the blueberry is the fruit of choice in our house, so while it took a minute to get used to the pickled version, this was all around a huge hit.

I toasted a sliced baguette and slathered the burrata on top with the blueberries and tomatoes.

It’s such a lovely dish!


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Jessica May 26, 2022 at 04:03PM

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