Rekkles, Cabochard are the most talked-about League players on social media
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July 13, 2022

Rekkles, Cabochard are the most talked-about League players on social media

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Despite playing in the second tier of competition, Rekkles and Cabochard are two of the most popular League of Legends pros on social media.

Rishi Chadha, the global head of creator and gaming partnerships on Twitter, shared some intriguing statistics for the first half of the calendar year. In a recent post, he revealed the top 10 most talked-about esports players from January to June 2022. Included in the list are Rekkles and Cabochard in fifth and sixth place, respectively.

Rekkles and Cabochard being the only pro League players on the list may come as a surprise, but they both play for the French LFL team Karmine Corp, who have a huge following in France. Karmine Corp fans (known as the “Blue Wall”) and French fans, in general, are known for their passionate support.

Nevertheless, FalleN, the Brazilian CS:GO legend, two times Major winner, and leader of the “Last Dance” Imperial Esports squad is at the top of the list. Fnx, his teammate, is also on the list in the fourth position, and s1mple, who is widely regarded as the greatest CS:GO player of all time, is in seventh place.

VALORANT pros have also left their mark, with Sentinels’ TenZ and G2’s mixwell in second and eighth spot on the list, respectively. Other names included are nobru, who competes in Free Fire, Liquid’s Hbox, a Super Smash Bros. Melee player, and scump, a Call of Duty pro player.

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