Roasted Broccoli Caesar Salad.
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October 10, 2022

Roasted Broccoli Caesar Salad.

This broccoli caesar salad is such a delicious spin on caesar! Roasted broccoli drizzled with a homemade greek yogurt caesar dressing, toasty golden bread crumbs and lots of parmesan cheese. Most delicious bowl ever!

This is going to be your new favorite way to eat broccoli. 

roasted broccoli caesar salad

I never thought I’d be saying “broccoli” and “favorite” in the same sentence, but here I am. And here I am drizzling mine in a greek yogurt dressing, topping it with lots of parmesan and crunchy golden breadcrumbs and eating the heck out of it.

Oh yes.

broccoli florets

And please don’t tell me it’s just because of the cheese. I’ll steal all the roasted broccoli off the baking sheet before we even get to the parmesan part! 

roasted broccoli on a sheet pan

Roasted broccoli is seriously our love language. I can’t even count how often I make it. My roasted parmesan broccoli is my most made side dish by FAR. Everyone in the house loves it. It tastes amazing, goes with just about everything and if there happen to be any leftovers, they are excellent. 

I wish I could tell you HOW I learned to love it, but the truth is that I just kept making it over and over and over. I talked about this in Everyday Dinners. Yes, the flavor combo in my parmesan roasted broccoli helped a lot. I liked eating broccoli that way, so I made it all the time which truly trained myself into liking broccoli. And now I like it almost *every* way.

roasted broccoli in a bowl


I’m always looking for NEW ways to make the broccoli so we don’t burn out on it. And while this isn’t too different from our usual, doing a caesar spin on it is absolutely my new favorite thing. 

Enter, my greek yogurt caesar dressing! It’s easy to make a batch and store it in the fridge. It’s so flavorful and you can use extras all week.

roasted broccoli with caesar dressing

So hello, this is the easiest thing EVER. Here’s what you do.

Roast your broccoli! Okay, it doesn’t HAVE to be roasted. You can steam it or grill – whatever is easiest and whatever you love. I like to use some olive oil spray, salt and pepper. I roast for about 20 minutes or so at 425 degrees. Easy!

While it roasts, make the greek yogurt caesar dressing. I use my food processor or nutribullet for this. And I love to use this anchovy paste because it imparts the salty, savory flavor. I would say don’t skip it, but I know many of you make the dressing without it all the time!

roasted broccoli caesar salad

Once the dressing it made, make some toasty, golden breadcrumbs. These are possibly the second most-made thing in my kitchen. I put them on EVERYTHING. Salads, pastas, just all the things. I like to use italian seasoned breadcrumbs, some butter and maybe a minced garlic clove. Cook in a pan, stirring until golden and toasty and crispy. 

Shave some parmesan cheese, for sure. Also have finely grated parm ready to go. Basically, get all the parm out of the fridge.

Time to combine! You can serve this warm or cold. The broccoli cools down quickly so unless you’re making it for yourself only, it will cool to room temperature and that’s fine. It’s still super delicious.  (more…)

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