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Roasted Tomato Feta Spaghetti Squash

#Roasted Tomato Feta Spaghetti Squash

This roasted tomato feta spaghetti squash is the perfect side dish! Soft strands of spaghetti squash are topped with creamy feta, burst tomatoes and fresh basil. This is super delicious and goes with just about any entree!

Cute side dish alert!

roasted tomato feta spaghetti squash

These spaghetti squash rings are topped with creamy feta, juicy tomatoes and roasted until everything comes together in a delish, fancy and fun way. 

Serve these as a side dish with dinner tonight and you’re all set. 

roasted tomato feta spaghetti squash

The feta tomato combo is so good!

Of course, you know this. After it went viral a few years ago with the tomato feta baked pasta, everyone realized just how fabulous the flavors are together. 

spaghetti squash rings

They are easy, simple but so tasty. The mixture tastes sophisticated but also familiar and comforting at the same time. Which, in my mind, is the best way to create a delicious dish. 

So, while I don’t use the exact tomato feta method that everyone was freaking over, the idea is the same. 

The sliced squash makes a little nest for the tomatoes and the feta. 

It’s perfect! 

grape tomatoes

And too cute. Way too cute.

roasted tomato feta spaghetti squash

I love cutting and roasting spaghetti squash this way. While it takes more slicing than it would if you just cut it in half lengthwise, I find that this is the best option for feeding a larger family. This allows you to make a big old pan of side dishes, enough for everyone. 

This way, we all get our own (adorable) portion. I love it. 

roasted tomato feta spaghetti squash

Here’s how I do it!

I slice the squash into one inch rings and remove the seeds in the center of each ring. I brush or spray the squash with olive oil, salt and pepper. Then I roast it! 

While it roasts, I toss the tomatoes with some olive oil and herbs.

When the squash is all roasted, I use a fork to scrap the strands into the center, creating that little “nest.” I don’t pull it off the skin completely, because I want the skin to hold the nest in place. 

roasted tomato feta spaghetti squash

I sprinkle the squash with crumbled feta, then I add the tomatoes. And I might add a little more feta on top too! 

Next, it goes back into the oven and roasts some more. The feta gets slightly melty. The tomatoes burst and get even sweeter. And when you bring the pan out, you can twirl the squash strands into the juicy melty tomatoes and cheese.

roasted tomato feta spaghetti squash

This is SO shockingly delicious. I love how caramely the squash strands become. The feta is so creamy and savory. The tomatoes are herby and sweet. It’s a side dish that goes with just about anything. 

Or it can be served alongside a big greens salad too! I would totally eat that for a “no kids/no husband” dinner one night if I was home alone.  (more…)

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