Salted Peanut Butter and Jelly Rice Krispy Treats.
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September 2, 2022

Salted Peanut Butter and Jelly Rice Krispy Treats.

Hello snack time! These peanut butter and jelly rice krispy treats are a fun twist on the original snack and one we love so much. Made with freeze dried strawberries and flaky salt, you won’t want to pass this one up!

As if I needed a reason to love rice krispy treats even more…

peanut butter and jelly rice krispy treats

Is it possible to make a perfect treat more… perfect?! We’re going to try!

These salted peanut and jelly rice krispy treats are the quintessential snack time treat and can’t be passed up.

peanut butter and marshmallows

My salted peanut butter rice krispy treats are one of the most loved treats here on the website. I can’t explain how much we adore them too. They are so chewy, so crispy, so rich and light at the same time.

So I knew that making a PB & J version would be a huge hit. And super easy too!

peanut butter rice krispy treats

Of course, we aren’t using actual jam or jelly.

To get the whole peanut butter and jelly feel, we’re adding fruit in the form of freeze dried strawberries. But you could also do raspberries, blueberries – basically any fruit you love.

peanut butter and jelly rice krispy treats

Now inquiring minds must know: what jelly do you like with your PB & J?! I am strictly a strawberry girl. My sister-in-law uses raspberry preserves and I like that too.

But I will tell you what I am not: a grape girl. Noooo way. 

I think I ate peanut butter and jelly in kindergarten almost every day. My mom made it with grape jelly – it’s still what she buys today and how she made it for my brothers our entire childhood. But after the kindergarten overload of said sandwich for me, I took a verrrrrry long hiatus from the classic. We’re talking like ten years or so. I just couldn’t do it!

When I finally picked the PB&J back up, I didn’t want grape. I only wanted strawberry and it’s been like that ever since. Strawberry is my #1, so I had to go with it for this peanut butter and jelly twist. 

peanut butter and jelly rice krispy treats

These are so delicious!

peanut butter and jelly rice krispy treats

Making them is super simple. I use my peanut butter rice krispy treats recipe, stir the crushed freeze dried strawberries into half of the mixture, then layer them. As you press them into a dish, the strawberry flavor does mesh into most of the peanut butter, but in some of the photos you can see how it’s layered.

I absolutely love the combo like this! You get bites of peanut butter mixed with bites of tangy berry and it really does resemble PB & J.

There are a few nonnegotiables I love to stick to when I’m making my rice krispy treats. First, always brown the butter. I do this 99% of the time, as long as I actually have the time. It makes a huge difference. The depth of flavor is much stronger and the squares have a wonderful caramelly taste. 

Next, is to stir in a few whole mini marshmallows for that extra marshmallow-y chew. Just a few! Make sure they get evenly dispersed throughout the dish. 

I also like to use a smaller dish when I can. A smaller dish equals thicker, fatter rice krispy treats. Which equals more crispy chewiness and a lot more texture. They are fabulous this way. 

These are the perfect back-to-school treat! I first started making them last fall but wanted to wait to share until it was just the start of the school year. These scream fun to me and would be perfect in a lunchbox or after school. 

Classic peanut butter and jelly in another super traditional treat – how can it get any better?! (more…)

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