Savory Bacon, Sage & Pumpkin Puff Pastry Pizza.
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September 28, 2022

Savory Bacon, Sage & Pumpkin Puff Pastry Pizza.

This pumpkin puff pastry pizza is a savory, crispy and flavorful fall meal! A ricotta pumpkin filling, caramelized onions, bacon, sage and parmesan make this taste like fall heaven.

Best place to put pumpkin is on your pizza.

savory pumpkin puff pastry pizza

And I’m here to declare that I love savory pumpkin more than sweet pumpkin. It is true! 

ricotta pumpkin on puff pastry

Especially when it involves these incredible ingredients:

Caramelized onions

Apple cider




I mean! Can there even be a more decadent mix? I think not. FALL IS HERE. 

savory pumpkin puff pastry pizza ready for the oven

There is something about the combination of pumpkin with parmesan and crispy sage that just makes it absolutely incredible. The epitome of fall – warm, cozy, cheese, savory flavors. Sign me up for EVERYTHING pumpkin if it’s savory. I’m all about it. 

savory pumpkin puff pastry pizza

Add bacon, and well… game over. The MOST delicious combo ever.

I used to go wild and crazy for bacon but lately, it hasn’t been the thing I crave. There are a few exceptions, however, and the exceptions usually consist of fall flavors like squash and pumpkin, maybe even brown butter and definitely parmesan. It makes the savory flavor of the pumpkin pop even more. 

I also made my cider caramelized onions for this and they take anything over the top. Again, more sweet and savory flavor to make this extra delicious! 

savory pumpkin puff pastry pizza

If you have a copy of Everyday Dinners, then you know how much we loooove puff pastry pizzas. In the book, I have one for every season! I find them to be so versatile. 

You can make them for an appetizer or they can be dinner or lunch. Serve them with salad or roasted vegetables, eat alone, or even cut up into tiny bite sized pieces for snacks. There are really so many options.

savory pumpkin puff pastry pizza

I always have store-bought puff pastry on hand. First, it reminds me of one of our favorite local restaurants that has a pastry-like pizza crust. Their crust is very flaky and thin with lots of layers – very much like a pastry instead of a dough. And it’s incredible. That’s what made me start using puff pastry for pizza in the first place. 

So you can always find it in the fridge. I love to use the wewalka brand or even this just rol brand, because these come in full sheets that don’t have the perforations. The pepperidge farm version is folded into thirds and it doesn’t make as sleek of a pizza or tart on one sheet. 

savory pumpkin puff pastry pizza

The base layer of this puff pastry tart is ricotta and pumpkin – delicious. Top with the onions, the bacon, sage and more cheese.

Then you bake it off and

So flaky and buttery. Crunch and texture. Cheesy. So much darn flavor.

Don’t skip this one!


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Jessica September 28, 2022 at 04:23PM

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