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Saxon Packaging talks innovation partnerships for “time-saving” cocktail and bespoke seltzer can packs

#Saxon Packaging talks innovation partnerships for “time-saving” cocktail and bespoke seltzer can packs

Arrowtown packaging
(All image credits: Smurfit Kappa).

26 Mar 2024 — Saxon Packaging, a part of Smurfit Kappa Group, shares its latest ready-to-drink (RTD) packaging innovation partnership activities including a cardboard box for RTD cocktails brand Edmunds Cocktails and bespoke can packs for Arrowtown hard seltzer drinks.

Arrowtown approached Saxon Packaging to design a dynamic RTD packaging solution capable of housing their trio of 330 ml cans. With flavors including Red Berries, Tropical and Lime & Elderflower, Arrowtown envisioned a bundled presentation box to “enhance their product appeal.”

Saxon Packaging crafted three bespoke 330 ml can packs complete with custom fittings to secure and showcase the products.

“Initially, Arrowtown found themselves at a crossroads, torn between the choice of white or brown kraft packaging. After delving into the benefits and uses for each option, we helped steer them towards the crisp elegance of white kraft,” details Saxon Packaging.

The final single-color drinks packaging result was a “sleek and impactful design” boasting “clear and precise print along with effective fittings and bold typography.”

“With the use of premium inks and materials, we made sure that every inch of its minimalistic allure not only embodied the brand’s essence but also oozed quality, ensuring it’s a visual feast for the senses,” details Saxon Packaging.

“We are incredibly happy with Saxon’s support on our new boxes,” Rob Smith, Arrowtown co-founder, comments. “They managed to bring our brand and ethos to life with the boxes and it has enabled us to showcase our products to both customers and trade buyers.”

Crash-top boxes for Edmunds Cocktails
In its partnership with Saxon Packaging, Edmunds Cocktails introduces its new box packaging featuring a crash lock glue base and quick assembly dividers. This builds upon a previous design for their six 100 ml cocktails featuring internal divisions and a garnish tray.

“At the outset, our customer faced a conundrum. [Edmunds Cocktails] knew their current packaging was functional, but there was a nagging feeling that it could be so much more,” details Saxon Packaging.

“With our solution using a crash lock base and quick assembly dividers providing efficiency and smoother operations all wrapped up in one sleek package, they decided to jump on board.”

Edmunds Cocktails co-founder Paul Mayes comments that the fragile nature of the brand’s products was taken strongly into account during the design process. “The new boxes help us to get orders packed and on their way to our customers quickly.’

“One of the most enjoyable aspects of being a packaging designer is the variety of work and this particular packaging design was no exception. This design combines performance and user experience to deliver a great all-around unboxing experience.”

Edmunds Cocktails and Saxon Packaging are now collaborating closely to design a “robust, courier-proof” box tailored for accommodating six 1L bottles. “Given the high box value, ensuring top-tier protection remains paramount throughout our creative journey,” states Saxon Packaging.

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