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Sheet Pan Roasted Shrimp Tacos.

#Sheet Pan Roasted Shrimp Tacos.

These roasted shrimp tacos are a weeknight favorite! Easy smoky shrimp roasted with corn, served with a crisp and refreshing lime slaw. Delicious!

I interrupt our Thanksgiving recipe programming for… 

sheet pan roasted shrimp tacos

Regular food. Roasted shrimp tacos, to be exact. Smoky roasted shrimp tacos with corn and slaw, to be even more exact. 

sheet pan roasted shrimp tacos

Whenever I have a few weeks of recipe testing, Eddie and the kids ask for “regular” food. Like, normal food. Nothing new or unusual, nothing crazy unique, just some good old regular food!

That’s what I consider these shrimp tacos to be. They are easy, simple, taste incredible and come together fast on a weeknight. They are also a crowd pleaser and relatively easy to serve when times are busy. Taco bars, forever!

sheet pan roasted shrimp tacos

I always find that we crave this kind of food during the holiday season. Something familiar and delicious, but not something heavy or wintery. After all the mashed potatoes and stuffing and gravy, I usually want a meal that tastes completely different! 

And that’s exactly what we have. 

sheet pan roasted shrimp tacos

To make these tacos, I throw raw shrimp, covered in spices, on a baking sheet. I toss in some corn, and while it all roasts, I make a slaw. 

Our favorite slaw is simple: green cabbage, lots of lime, salt, pepper, olive oil, cilantro. Simple but crunchy and refreshing. A taco must. 

Of course, other toppings are always welcome. We almost always have pickled onions and cotija cheese on hand. But any kind of salsa or pico is perfect too.  (more…)

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