Sheet Pan Smashburger Fries.
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October 14, 2022

Sheet Pan Smashburger Fries.

Smashburger fries are the best weekend snack. They are a hit for game day, any appetizer or a lazy sunday. Crispy, thin fries, topped with cheese sauce, tiny smashburger pieces, house sauce, pickles and jalapeños. One of the best things ever!

If this doesn’t scream “WEEKEND” as loud as possible, I don’t know what does.

sheet pan smashburger fries

I mean, smashburger fries. Cheeseburger fries! Crispy crunchy oven fries topped with cheese sauce, a few smashburger pieces, dipping sauce, pickles and more. 


fries with cheese sauce

These probably don’t need many words. They are the best combination of delicious, weekend game day food and a sheet pan mess that everyone loves. 

sheet pan smashburger fries

I made these fries because we are obsessed with the smash burger fries at one of our favorite local burger joints. Like, we fight over them. They add caramelized onions and theirs are a little spicy, but oh my heavens are they incredible. 

And then I figured I could make them at home! So I did.

Now our lives are basically over because we want to eat these all the time. They are fancy oven fries with the best of both worlds: the burger and fries on the same pan. 

sheet pan smashburger fries

Now here’s the thing. 

We’re doing frozen fries here. You know what? It’s almost impossible to get crispy crunchy fries in the oven – I’ve done some here on the blog a few times. But it’s WORK. There’s the whole soaking-the-potatoes thing ahead of time and all that. It’s not worth it for this recipe. Find a good bag of frozen fries and use those. You can even make them in the air fryer if you want – but you still need to have the oven on to bring everything together sheet-pan style. 

It’s important to use some frozen fries because we’re already going to make the cheese sauce and the smash burgers. I also like to make a drizzle for the top. You could even do my howsweeteats house sauce!

sheet pan smashburger fries

Anyway, here’s how I make them!

I bake or air fry my frozen fries. Whatever is easiest for you. Do the whole bag… trust me. 

While the fries are crisping up, I make a little homemade cheese sauce. Nothing unusual – something we make here often. It’s creamy and cheesy and extra perfect drizzled on fries.

I also make some smash burger pieces! This is exactly what you think it is. I tear apart some ground beef and essentially make tiny smash burgers in a hot skillet. You can also make regular smash burgers and tear them apart. Either way, you want smaller pieces than actual burgers so you can get bites of it with the fries. 

sheet pan smashburger fries

Next, I do a quick thousand island-ish dressing. You can make this ahead of time – it stays great in the fridge for a few days. Here’s the thing: I have never loved thousand island dressing, but on a smash burger? It’s everything. I highly suggest making this because the drizzle on top adds so much. 

I also like to slice jalapeños and pickles. You can add ANYTHING you want on there. Yes, you can do caramelized onions or diced raw onion. You could even do chopped tomatoes. Whatever you like on your burgers! 

Then it’s time to assemble. The fries are done – top them with the silky cheese sauce. Top with the smashburgers and then MORE cheese sauce. Do a little drizzle of the dressing. Your pickles, jalapeños, anything else you love.

sheet pan smashburger fries

And then

YES. Hello. It’s the weekend. These were made for us.   (more…)

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Jessica October 14, 2022 at 04:00PM

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