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SIG expands recycling initiative in Indonesia as public participation increases

#SIG expands recycling initiative in Indonesia as public participation increases

03 Apr 2024 — SIG is celebrating a year of its “Recycle for Good” program in Indonesia and expanding its reach to 151 collection points in Jakarta and the Greater Jakarta area, from just one at Cibubur Junction.

The program, supported by the SIG Foundation, aims to create behavioral change, encourage the public to deliver their recyclable waste to a collection point and practice a circular economy. In the one year since its launch, SIG reports over 770 families have collected more than 11,700 kgs of recyclable materials.

“Last year, we established a single collection point at Cibubur Junction, which delivered good results with measurable positive impact. Now, we want to increase the impact of this program, where we are collaborating with Armada Kemasan, one of our long-term partners, to establish more collection points where the public can bring their collected recyclable waste,” says Noer Wellington, head of market for Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines at SIG.

“If with one collection point we were able to create such a positive impact over the last year, imagine what we could do with 150 more points across Jakarta.”

The Recycle for Good program is part of SIG’s roadmap to becoming a net positive business.

SIG is expanding the reach of its Recycle for Good program in collaboration with Armada Kemasan as its waste management partner.Indonesia’s waste management
The waste management solutions provider Armada Kemasan details that the partnership will propel a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle with the increased collection points.

“As a waste management partner who has worked with SIG for several years, Armada Kemasan is proud to be part of SIG’s Recycle for Good program. We believe that by participating in Recycle for Good, the public can start taking steps to live a more sustainable lifestyle by doing simple actions, such as sorting their recyclable waste at home and bringing it to our collection points,” asserts Arnold Abdi, managing director at Armada Kemasan.

“Together with SIG, Armada Kemasan is committed to creating a more sustainable environment, and we encourage the public to find the Recycle for Good collection point nearest to their homes and start collecting waste, which we will then recycle into something useful and beneficial.”

In 2017, the Indonesian government introduced an ambitious target to reduce marine plastic debris by 70% by 2025. Supporting the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Investment’s goal, the Partnership for Plastics in Indonesian Society (PISCES) set up Living Labs in East Java to help local people lift themselves out of a “plastic waste emergency.”

The efforts to curb plastic pollution in Indonesia are ongoing, with the World Bank issuing a seven-year US$100 million Plastic Waste Reduction-Linked Bond to finance projects in Ghana and Indonesia.

Holger Dickers, managing director at SIG Foundation, says: “Waste poses a significant global challenge. Preserving natural habitats for the next generation is one of the main objectives of the SIG Foundation.”

“We are delighted that SIG is leading the way with the Recycle for Good initiative in Indonesia. By expanding this project, SIG is actively contributing to the recycling efforts and reducing waste by reintroducing recyclable materials into the cycle.”

By Radhika Sikaria

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