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Smoked Salmon Farro Bowls.

#Smoked Salmon Farro Bowls.

This smoked salmon farro salad is made with peppery arugula, refreshing cucumbers, pickled onions and crisp fresh radish slices. Drizzled in a red wine vinaigrette, it’s full of flavor and will leave you satisfied!

I’ve got spring in a salad for you today.

smoked salmon farro salad

The colors! This smoked salmon salad is made with farro, arugula, cucumbers, pickled onions, feta cheese and thinly sliced radish. 

smoked salmon farro salad

It’s an excellent simple dinner or the perfect work lunch! And it is SO satisfying. Anytime I have a meal with smoked salmon for lunch, I’m thrilled. Because it fills me up in a great way that isn’t heavy and doesn’t leave me tired. 

smoked salmon farro salad

Is it a bowl or a salad? That is the question. 

I consider anything that has a base of a grain to be a BOWL. This is just how my brain works though. There aren’t any real hard and fast rules. It can be a salad or a bowl! Or a salad bowl.

Riddle me that. 

smoked salmon farro salad

There are so many ways that I love to enjoy smoked salmon. Of course, on bagels and toast. In things like frittatas and even on tarts or pizza. 

I also love to throw it in a salad.

The best part about the salmon is that it’s so incredibly easy to grab for a meal. It’s such a simple way to get a bunch of protein and fat into a meal in a delicious way. 

And that’s always a win!!

smoked salmon farro salad

Here’s the rundown for this beauty:

I love to use cooked farro here, and it’s even better if it’s leftover farro. Or farro that I prepared at the start of the week. This allows the meal to come together very quickly and easily.

Arugula is my favorite green to use, thanks to its peppery bite. It complements the salmon super well – in fact I will often grab a peppered smoked salmon at whole foods if I can find it. 

smoked salmon farro salad

A few crunchy, fresh ingredients that scream spring come next. I like to use cucumbers, pickled onions, radish and some fresh herbs.

First, I like to use these because they remind me of the delicious smoked salmon bagel combination! 

And second, the flavor pairs great with the salmon and allows for there to be some refreshing, crisp texture in the bowl. 

Some crumbled feta goes a long way. The creamy texture is ideal and lends itself to a huge flavor boost. The tang can’t be beat.  (more…)

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