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May 2, 2022

Smoky Chipotle Layered Taco Dip.

Here’s a spin on the classic taco dip! I make a smoky chipotle beef, layer it with beans and sour cream and salsa verde and load it up with toppings for the perfect layered taco dip. It’s so delicious!

Raise your hand if you’d like to eat layered taco dip for dinner!

Or let’s be real – just about every single meal. It is the best.

Sign me up for bottomless chips, margaritas and a plate of this deliciousness. I am a happy girl! 

seasoned taco ground beef

This is my slightly elevated version of the layered taco dip that we all grew up eating and loved so much.

You know – beans, sour cream, guac, olives, tomatoes? That one?

I do like that one, but I make one that we like a little more. Especially Eddie, considering the guac and olives are a no go for him. 

This version is a bit more satisfying, a little fancier and kind of even reminds me of my turkey taco nacho skillet

refried beans + sour cream + salsa verde

I can’t even express how good this is! It is SO flavorful, the perfect party plate and something you’ll want to make over and over. Game day, BBQ, dinner party – the works! Make it for all the things. 

This dip has lots of texture, tons of flavor and looks super pretty on a plate too. I like to serve it on a platter where you can actually see some of the layers and colors, but you could throw it in a baking dish too! 

smoky chipotle layered taco dip

This is how we layer!

I start with the classic refried beans layer. I LOVE refried beans. They make the best base layer, especially because they are heavier than everything else. 

Next, I do a layer of sour cream and salsa verde, combined. YES. This is so super delicious. I simply stir together some salsa verde and sour cream and spread it on top of the refried beans.

The next layer is our smoky chipotle ground beef. You could do ground turkey, chicken or even a plant based version. I sprinkle it all over the sour cream. This is amazing for the texture and of course, flavor. 

smoky chipotle layered taco dip

Cheese! Sharp cheddar is my go-to, but you can choose your favorite here. What do you love on a taco? Grate it and sprinkle it all over the beef layer. 

Then it’s time to load on the toppings. I like to do tomatoes, then shredded lettuce, some cilantro and green onions. I kind of toss it all together and throw it on.

Finally, pickled onions for the win! You know I can’t live without these. Pretty pink color and a wonderful tangy bite. They are one of my most favorite ingredients of all time. 

smoky chipotle layered taco dip

Because I make this for get-togethers, I usually skip an avocado layer. I KNOW! I know that sounds crazy. There are a few reasons for that. First, I just don’t love store-bought guac. I can’t ever get into it. And that’s what people usually use for the guac layer.

And second, I like to prep this ahead of time or let it sit for a bit and the avocado browning just brings down the vibe. I like to keep it vibrant and pretty!

smoky chipotle layered taco dip

When I add avocado, I just cube it and sprinkle it on top with the lettuce and scallions and tomatoes right before serving. 

And the other option I love is to serve a bowl of guac on the side so you have the best of both worlds. Layered taco dip AND guac. No need to play favorites here. 

Serve this with lots of chips, an icy beer or a margarita on the rocks. HEAVEN.  (more…)

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