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Smurfit Kappa equips Brownings with corrugated water-resistant picture frame packs

#Smurfit Kappa equips Brownings with corrugated water-resistant picture frame packs

16 Jan 2024 — Smurfit Kappa is developing a corrugated cardboard alternative to Brownings’ “Correx” — a widely used but environmentally taxing water-resistant backing for its poster frames.

The corrugated packaging giant says the project is special due to its “groundbreaking” post-print production technique — applying the water-resistant coating onto the printed material. Smurfit Kappa says that the innovation provided Brownings with an environmentally sustainable alternative to plastic that exceeded its functional requirements.

The product advantages are a recyclable picture frame backing and a “powerful” tool to elevate the brand’s eco-friendly image and cultivate positive sentiments among its customer base.

The feedback from Brownings resonated with the triumph of this collaboration. Chris Winn from Brownings, says: “Embracing Smurfit Kappa’s solution was a game-changer. It not only aligned seamlessly with our sustainability objectives, but the product’s durability and quality surpassed all our expectations.”

Smurfit Kappa applies water-resistant coating onto corrugated cardboard (Image credit: Smurfit Kappa).Mark Robinson from Smurfit Kappa adds: “By working on this project with Chris and the team at Brownings, we could align our company’s values on sustainability and the removal of single-use plastic. It has been an awesome project especially with Browning’s donating to the Donkey Sanctuary.”

Meeting sustainability demands
Correx is robust and weather-resilient corrugated plastic. But recognizing the environmental impact of this single-use plastic, Brownings wanted to develop a sustainable alternative, providing its customers with a greener choice.

“Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t come at the expense of quality, rigidity or weather resistance. We’re proud to have introduced Brownings to an eco-friendly corrugated cardboard alternative to Correx that promises durability and performance without compromising our planet’s well-being,” says Smurfit Kappa.

In the dynamic landscape of consumer expectations, recent studies revealed that 81% of consumers demand sustainable packaging. “This isn’t a passing fancy. It’s a seismic shift demanding a radical transformation in manufacturing, sales and usage practices,” concludes the company.

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