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Smurfit Kappa markets paper-based honeycomb buffers for “ultra-light” product protection

#Smurfit Kappa markets paper-based honeycomb buffers for “ultra-light” product protection

12 Mar 2024 — Smurfit Kappa UK is launching honeycomb buffers for safe product shipping and reduced plastic packaging usage.

The innovation of honeycomb packaging, complemented by honeycomb corner buffers, emerges as a “game-changer” for businesses seeking balance between product protection and environmental responsibility, highlights the corrugated packaging giant.

Honeycomb cardboard material mimics the hexagonal structure of a honeycomb. The natural design, reimagined in the form of honeycomb cardboard sheets and panels, enables ultra-light product protection.

Its cells absorb shocks, quell vibrations and guard against the harshest jolts during transportation, guaranteeing that products emerge unscathed from challenging transit conditions.

Safe shipping and less waste
Honeycomb corner buffers deliver a smart paper-based solution crafted to offer “unparalleled” strength and protection, capable of surmounting challenges in the supply chain with “unwavering” resilience.

Honeycomb packaging material acts as a protective shield that evenly disperses external pressure. Valuable items arrive at their destination in pristine condition — it is a level of protection that sets a new standard in the world of packaging and sustainability, asserts Smurfit Kappa.

Unlike expanded polystyrene and traditional plastic protectors, honeycomb paper board is fully recyclable, comes from renewable sources and breaks down naturally. As a result, transitioning to honeycomb packaging solutions is a step toward reducing a company’s ecological footprint and saving logistics, supply chain and labor costs.


Corrugated convenience
Alongside its eco-credentials, honeycomb packaging and corrugated corner buffers offer a wide range of benefits:

  • Customization: Tailored designs ensure only the necessary volume of packaging material is used, minimizing waste and simplifying handling.
  • Damage reduction: With superior protection, freight claims from damaged goods are reduced.
  • Economical: The lightweight nature of honeycomb slashes freight costs, and its eco-friendliness enhances a company’s green credentials.
  • Efficiency: Faster packing and loading means timely deliveries and satisfied customers.
  • Export-friendly: Bypassing the need for export certification honeycomb packaging and corner buffers simplify international shipping processes unlike wooden alternatives.

Businesses seek effective and protective packaging buffers that align with their operational and environmental objectives. With the prominence of honeycomb cardboard, Smurfit Kappa says sustainable and efficient solutions are readily accessible.

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