Sticky BBQ Chicken Meatballs with Broccoli Slaw.
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May 11, 2022

Sticky BBQ Chicken Meatballs with Broccoli Slaw.

These sticky BBQ chicken meatballs are so juicy and flavorful! Paired with crisp, refreshing broccoli slaw, this is an excellent weeknight meal that comes together fast.

I’ve got a go-to summer dinner for you today!

sticky BBQ chicken meatballs with broccoli slaw

Sticky chicken meatballs in a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce, served with crispy, crunchy broccoli slaw.

It’s been a meatball kind of year over here! These ranch chicken meatballs I shared a few weeks ago are quickly becoming one of the most popular chicken recipes on the blog. They are so, so delicious!

The good news is that when I made those, I also tested a few different meatball recipes out. So I have even MORE to share with you.

sticky BBQ chicken meatballs in a pan

This is hilarious because growing up, I didn’t even like meatballs. Well, I think I liked the ones that were made in a crockpot with jelly or something. But that was it!

These days, we all love meatballs. All kinds, any variation. Meatballs are also one of Jordan’s favorite foods!! They are something easy that I can prep for him. And while I don’t always do a fancy meatball, they are the best!

broccoli slaw in the making

Enter these sticky BBQ chicken meatballs.

Oh my gosh – this is SUCH a good meal. I make the meatballs and brown them in the skillet. Then I transfer them to a plate and make the sticky sauce. Some BBQ sauce, honey and water is all it takes. Let that bubble a bit, add the meatballs back in and check the internal temp before serving. You want them to be 165 degrees F inside before eating. 

These are so super delicious. Like, cannot get enough. You can serve them so many different wants – on sandwiches, in lettuce cups, even on SALAD! (Remember my meatball salad in The Pretty Dish?!) 

sticky BBQ chicken meatballs

Here’s how I like to serve them: with broccoli slaw. 

Oh yes.

sticky BBQ chicken meatballs with broccoli slaw

This is creamy, crunchy and refreshing with just a hint of sweetness. Now to make the broccoli slaw, I just buy it packaged. For years I had to make my own slaw – actually slice and shave everything! But these days, broccoli slaw is much more accessible and you should be able to find it in your local grocery story. 

I keep it pretty simple here because I don’t want to outside the meatballs. It consists of plain greek yogurt, a touch of mayo, some apple cider vinegar and honey.

This dressing mixture is delightful. Of course, you can add in nuts or dried fruit if you’d like to bulk it up. Ia a few weeks, I’ll be sharing another incredible broccoli slaw side dish for your summer gatherings.

sticky BBQ chicken meatballs with broccoli slaw

We LOVE these so much. They are so sweet and sweet, plus crunchy and crisp – the texture and flavor pairing is so complementary and wonderful. I love serving this with rice for some extra bulk in the meal – plus it just makes it all super fantastic. You gotta try them! (more…)

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