Strawberry Salad with Black Pepper, Feta and Mint.
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June 23, 2022

Strawberry Salad with Black Pepper, Feta and Mint.

This strawberry feta salad has lots of freshly ground black pepper, fresh mint and a champagne vinaigrette. It’s simple, easy, refreshing, sweet and savory. Perfect for a side dish or easy summer snack!

Say hello to your new favorite way to eat strawberries!

strawberry feta salad with black pepper and mint

This little strawberry salad is my current obsession – showing up in my lunches and snacks this past month as the berries are ripe as can be. I toss these freshly sliced strawberries with some black pepper, fresh herbs, tangy cheese and a vinaigrette that makes all the flavors pop. 

I cannot get enough of this. These taste SO refreshing, so sweet and savory and just absolutely delicious. 

Strawberry season is the best season!

And easy little summer dishes like this make me so happy.

fresh sliced strawberries

I know it’s been heavy on the fruit + salads this week on the blog, but I wanted to share this dish you can make with strawberries if you pick them this week! As strawberry season begins to wind down, I find this has been on repeat.

We go strawberry picking every year, and in the most recent years, it seems that the strawberries aren’t quite ready around us until mid-June. I know in some places they are ready in May or even late April, so I’m hoping you can get your hands on some fresh ones.

champagne vinaigrette with fresh mint

The strawberries picked right from a farm and undeniably the best strawberries of life. Their sweetness is off the charts. No matter how many times we pick, every year Eddie and I stare at each other in amazement of just how GOOD they taste. The kids truly eat them like candy and I’d have to say that strawberries are the #1 fruit of choice in our house. 

bowl of strawberries

A few other things I do with local strawberries that we pick: make this strawberry crunch salad, my strawberry cobbler bars, strawberry cobbler with ice cream and then I also throw them in pancakes. And eat them by the bowlful of course. Oh also – strawberry oreo ice cream!

When our strawberries get to the end, we fight over them. The season is so sweet and too short. 

pouring champagne dressing on strawberry salad

This little dish is SUPER SIMPLE. It’s a lovely way to enjoy some strawberries as a quick side salad or even as a snack. I like to slice the berries, sprinkle them all over with freshly ground black pepper and a pinch of salt, then crumble some feta cheese on top. 

Next, I whisk together a quick champagne vinaigrette with finely chopped fresh mint. The mint infuses this easy vinaigrette and it is so incredibly refreshing and flavorful. Complements the sweetness of the berries, the bite of the pepper and creaminess of the cheese so much.

Then I toss it all together. THAT IS IT. Maybe add some extra fresh mint leaves for garnish.  (more…)

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Jessica June 23, 2022 at 04:10PM

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