The Battle of Zonchio (1499)
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June 13, 2022

The Battle of Zonchio (1499)

In the first naval battle covered by Bow and Blade, Kelly and Michael discuss the Battle of Zonchio, fought on four separate days in August of 1499. The Ottoman and Venetian fleets fight off the coast of Greece in the Ionian Sea to determine who would control the waters of the eastern Mediterranean.

Bow and Blade is hosted by Kelly DeVries and Michael Livingston.

Kelly DeVries is a Professor at Loyola University in Maryland and Honorary Historical Consultant at the Royal Armouries. You can learn more about Kelly on his university webpage.

Michael Livingston teaches at The Citadel and is the author of numerous books on medieval history as well as fiction novels. You can learn more about Michael on his website, or follow him on Twitter @medievalguy

See also Kelly and Michael’s book: Medieval Warfare: A Reader

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