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The Discovery of Constantinople, with Sarah Bassett

#The Discovery of Constantinople, with Sarah Bassett

A conversation with Sarah Bassett about the exploration and discovery of the antiquities of Constantinople, starting in the sixteenth century. We talk about scholars, diplomats, and archaeologists, and the intellectual trends of their times.

Sarah Bassett is Associate Professor of Art History at Indiana University.
Sarah wrote the book The Urban Image of Late Antique Constantinople (Cambridge University Press 2004) and recently edited The Cambridge Companion to Constantinople (2022).

This episode goes well with episode 76: Exploring the monuments of Byzantine Constantinople, with Sergey Ivanov

Byzantium & Friends is hosted by Anthony Kaldellis, a Professor at the University of Chicago. You can follow him on his personal website. You can listen to more episodes of Byzantium & Friends through PodbeanSpotify or Apple Podcasts

Top Image: View of Constantinople in 1582 – Beschreibung der Städt der Welt – Braun & Hogenberg

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