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February 19, 2022

The Perfect Pickled Veggie Sandwich with Scallion Cream Cheese.

This pickled veggie sandwich is my new favorite lunch! Smashed together with garlic scallion cream cheese, greens and the perfect bread, bun or roll, it’s so flavorful and very filling.

Never did I ever think I’d love vegetables so much!

This pickled veggie sandwich is SO good. It’s deliciously tart and briney, layered with garlic scallion cream cheese and greens on two slabs of GOOD bread.

It’s changing the lunch game for me.

pickled cauliflower and carrots

I’ve made a cauliflower sandwich before, but these pickled vegetables are taking things to the next level.

garlic scallion cream cheese

Sometimes I look at this amazing sandwich and can’t believe how much I love it. A decade ago I never would have enjoyed something like this, but now I crave it. Learning to cook and love vegetables has been a godsend for me.

pickled veggie sandwich with scallion cream cheese

This sandwich is inspired by one from a local bakery. We first had it over the summer and oh my word, it was so good. Granted I was about two weeks post-giving birth and the hungriest I’ve ever been, but it was incredible.

The veggies kind of reminded me of giardiniera, but I don’t think they’d considered them to be giardiniera. It was mostly pickled cauliflower and carrots.

And the cream cheese! Oh the cream cheese. 

pickled veggie sandwich with scallion cream cheese

I still don’t love raw vegetables and I wouldn’t choose a sandwich with raw vegetables. BUT!

The quick pickling situation here tenderizes them perfectly. They have a big of crunch but are nicely softened.

pickled veggie sandwich with scallion cream cheese

This does take a little bit of prep work to come together.

First, the pickled veggies! They need to sit for about an hour to taste fantastic – and any longer, they taste incredible. They will last about a week in the fridge, but not longer than that since I don’t traditionally can them.

Actually, they will barely last a week because they are so freaking good, you’ll want to eat them right out of the jar.

pickled veggie sandwich with scallion cream cheese

Seriously, if you’re into pickled and briney and tart things like I am, you will LOVE THESE. I’ve done pickled onions a ton and pickled cabbage but these are truly heaven. I am obsessed. And I don’t love raw cauliflower so this really makes a huge difference! 

Like I mentioned, I like to do a mix of cauliflower and carrots. The bakery near us also uses celery but um, you know how I feel about celery. No can do. I like to add jalapeños because they add the tiniest but of spice – it’s not super spicy or overwhelming though. It’s actually more jalapeño flavor than spice! 

You could also toss a few onions into that same jar if you wish. I always have pickled onions in my fridge – if you have a copy of Everyday Dinners you know that they are a major fridge staple for me. (more…)

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