The Risks of Internet Marketplaces: Things You Should Know
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August 11, 2022

The Risks of Internet Marketplaces: Things You Should Know

Vintage is hip, hot and happening. More people nowadays are constantly surfing the internet and analyzing all the marketplaces that are available. Old but new shoes, old but new laptops, old but new couches… everything is possible, and the best is yet to come; it is very cheap. Therewith, vintage products often have a unique look; fits perfectly in a lot of houses! Although marketplaces seem to bring a lot of advantages, sometimes, the use of it can also bring some discomfort. Or, even be threatful to you. Are you aware of the risks that bring buying via marketplaces with it? We hope so. But to make sure, we will bring some of the risks to your attention. Please read beneath through and get more insights about marketplaces risks!

The seller is not who he or she said he was

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To begin with, please always share your live location when you are picking something up you bought from someone you do not know. It might be that the seller lives in a very secluded area where no one else is. You never know what happens when you have to pick up your new laptop in the woods… Secondly, and of course we hope this never happens, but the horror stories become real sometimes; the seller might be a person who cannot be trusted. That is; he or she might try to hurt you or do bad things to you. Therefore, it would even be better to bring someone with you instead of only sharing your live location.




you may never have thought about it before, and although we prefer to assume that most people are virtuous, there are some real unvirtuous ones among them. Therefore, you should always check if the things that you are buying are truthful. If something seems too good to be true, maybe it is too good to be true. What do we mean with that? If you buy an iPhone for €200,-, please be aware that there is a chance that the iPhone has been stolen from someone else. This could also be a thing with online documents, such as Spanish classes videos; illegal companies often practice illegal activities, by sharing documents for free while initially you should pay for it. If you buy things that are stolen, this is called fencing. You obviously you’d probably rather not have that on your conscience right? (Luckily there are a lot of companies available that already track if stolen products are offered, only this is called an online-piracy service).

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