The Secrets of Manuscript Digitization
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April 11, 2022

The Secrets of Manuscript Digitization

The road from medieval manuscripts to medieval memes! The Medieval Grad Podcast looks at digitized manuscripts with Suzette Van Haaren. Suzette studies the ins and outs of digitized manuscripts and tells all their secrets to our host, Lucie Laumonier. So, how do we get to a world where the Internet is a treasure trove of medieval manuscripts – and of medieval memes?!

Suzette Van Haaren recently defended her dissertation in Art History at the University of Groningen and at the University of Saint-Andrews. You can learn more about Suzette on her LinkedIn page or follow her on Twitter @suzettevhaaren

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Lucie Laumonier is an affiliate assistant professor at Concordia University. Click here to view her page or follow her on Instagram at The French Medievalist. She is also a columnist on, writing about agriculture and rural life in the Middle Ages.

The music in this podcast is La douce jouvencelle

Top Image: Bibliothèque nationale de France MS Français 2813 fol. 201v

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